Olivia: Wild card Ozzy

‘...I survived! Four long long long hours of trying big puffy dresses on and what colour you may ask well...peach of all the colours in the world. I hate the colour peach! I hate big puffy dresses! Jessica was giving me evils all morning for showing her up in the wedding shop. Of course Tiffany couldn't decide on what shoes she wanted, I'm quite happy wearing my blue Converses but I know that mum will kill me.'

I laughed reading over my diary entry, looking out of my bedroom window and seeing all my friends enjoying the waves.

"Stupid Simon tell tailing on me." I muttered kicking the table leg.

‘Why does your brother always have to grass you up? I feel so alone sometimes, why can't they be more peo-

A small stone came flying through the open window making me stop writing. "What the?"

My sharp gaze scanned the garden below, the pathway leading to the golden beach and then taking a sweeping check inside my room. My hands started to clench and un clench a sign that I wanted to change and see who was out there. I could feel it coming on, my muscles tense and ready to leap.

"Olivia, are you there?" I snapped my head down to the garden to see Chase standing with his arms crossed, smiling up at me.

My body was still feeling tense but somehow my voice was reasonable calm. "It's Liv Chase how many times have I told you."

"I know." He replied giving me a cocky smile. "Can you come out?"

"Mum's put me in the pound after what happened at school."

"Would that be for turning into a cheetah and skipping maths?"

"That would be the one...you know how protective she is over the whole ‘my daughter got something wrong with her' speech. Oh please...it's a cool gift." I was sat on the window ceil judging whether I could lunch my long body on to the tree. "Do you dare me?"

Chase looked at where I was pointing, "If it was anyone else then I would say that your crazy...but you could do it with your eyes shut."

I smiled and leapt making the tree swinging on the branch and doing a back flip landing by Chase. He clapped and we sneck out of my garden forgetting to close the gate. Little did I know that I wouldn't be going back to close the gate.

"So Liv are you going to cheetah your way out of surfing the waves?" Hayley remarked as she past me my board.

"Keep working on your comedy act Hay's, you're going to need it to keep up with me." I replied as I headed towards the changing rooms.

 I flipped the light switch on and grabbed a wet suit taking the far corner, no one else was about and it was quite. I was just taking my white vest off when suddenly I was surrounded in darkness.

Silly as it was but my one childish fear was the dark. I need some sort of light, moon or stars even...anything. I tried to centre myself sensing to see if anyone was here but I was too nervous. Then something fell cold grabbed right wrist with my mark on, dragging me forwards and I obeyed.

"This may hurt your eyes." The voice said sounding close.

"Why wha...oh whoa bright light or what." I blinked at the brightness not understanding anything.

"Here sit down and wait with the others." My legs fell back hitting a chair and finally my brown eyes opened.

"Well the view certainly changed." I said sorting my top out and nervously running hand through my long blond hair.  



The End

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