Elliot: I don't like being jerked about thank you very much

Sweat was drenching my shirt, and fire licked at my calves as I slowed down to a halt. Breathe heaved, and I squatted down to rest for a minute. New runners looked at me like I was crazy, and ones who had seen me before just chuckled as they ran by.

I had been going to this running track for about two winters now. Normally I preferred out of door running, but all the snow made that rather difficult

Feeling cooler, I started for my towel, and dried off my drenched blonde curls. I had been here since 6:00 this morning, and it was now 7:00. I enjoyed running, so I dedicated at least an hour every morning to it.

I quickly showered, and combed my mess of curls into place. My mom had often told me that I was gifted with both looks and super powers. Sure, the hair was awesome, but being able to move stuff around with my mind was pretty cool too. Just saying.

On my way to first period, I decided to call Rose. I summoned my phone to my hand and glanced around to be sure no one had seen. I had no need for being called a freak.

Once seeing that all was clear, I dialed her number and started heading off to the library to return a book.

"What up Rosebud?" I introduced when she finally got to her phone.

"Hey Elliot," she responded, her voice seemed stressed.

"I was just calling to say 'hi'" I said, dodging an awkward, acne-ridden freshman ,who was carrying a project through the halls. I didn't have to look back to see that he fell and shattered all but the large mount which his castle had sat on. Lesson number one you learn in freshman year is never over do it on the projects, it'll just get messed up.

"That's sweet, we haven't spoken in ages!" she enthused, and I turned my attention back to her.

We continued on, talking about the weather of all things.

"They've found someone else with powers," I informed her, once she had told me about her recent purchases.

"Really, who?"

"A Mr Alex Hanson, from England," I read from a slip of paper I had tucked into my pocket. I had to write everything down, otherwise I would forget everything.

"Ooh, a Brit," I heard her giggle. Girls and accents. "What's his power?"

"Elliot! Elliot!" An angry Ms Bull called from her class. Dang it, I should have written down 'Don't pass Ms Bull!" on the slip of paper too. Too late now. I quickly told Rose good bye, and started opening my bag to get the papers.


'The second person to be found with super-powers, second to Ms Rose Jackson, Mr Alex Hanson has agreed to appear on our show at six o'clock tonight. Tune in for an exclusive interview." The news reporter droned from his box on the entertainment center in my living room.

"Elliot, I need you to set the table!" mom called from upstairs.

"Got it!" I called back up, and I carefully looked around to me sure that dad wasn't hiding out somewhere downstairs, he always got freaked out when I used my powers from another room. Upon seeing no one, I moved everything into place without getting up. Rose had often commented that I was lucky that I was into sports, because otherwise I would get extremely fat and lazy, since I never really had to get up. My only problem would be that I didn't really want people to know about my 'super power' so I kept it under wraps. My family and Rose were the only ones who knew, and that because when I was three, I wasn't really thinking about not being exposed.

At dinner, mom and dad kept talking about our family vacation, apparently mom wanted to go south and dad wanted to go west.

"Why not just go southwest?" I asked innocently.

"Because it's just not the same," mom explained, and dad agreed. I just shrugged and finished my potatoes.

Once dinner was done, and the dishes were cleaned, it was time to get on Facebook. My parents don't like me getting on before dinner, because they know I would get zip homework done otherwise.

Little beeps let me know that my friends had noticed that I was on. About to look at them, a hand suddenly went over my mouth, and dragged me out of my chair.

"Don't scream," a female voice whispered as her hand fell. Quickly I whipped about, and saw a cloaked figure with a hooded head.

"Who are you?!" I demanded angrily.

"In due time, first, we must go," she said, placing her hand onto my shoulder. I was about to toss a dictionary at her with my mind, when I was sucked out of my room.

The experience was unpleasant, like I was being jerked through a tiny hole by my shoulder. My wide eyes looked about, and saw that I was traveling major speeds in an air tunnel, and at the moment I was going over flat land. Three seconds later, I was standing in the middle of a crowded airport, looking at five other baffled teenagers.

"Don't move, I'll return shortly," the voice whispered into my ear, and before I could protest, she was gone.


The End

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