Antonio Romano

The jet black twilight had finally approached, the veiled sky shimmered off the corner of the high-altitude moon, like the birth-place of the un-dead. There were reports of another one...Another being, another force, dare I say it, another superhero? I read that this one had the ability of Biologic Manipulation, I cringed of the thought that possibly they were after more than just one innocent person.
  Italy had been starstruck with an Earthquake measuring 9.3 on the Richter Scale, glass shattered into tens of thousands of pieces; a devastating disaster, Italy was in dire need of money right now but the democratic thoughts of our government was only telling us not to be worried for something was being done. I scoffed, maybe if they could get off their asses and do something then we might actually have a speck of luck, but for now it was just nothing.

  I gazed down fortuitously at the weird interloping J and W on my arm. It was like a 3rd degree blistering burn which I made when I was young, what luck for those to letters to stay there. I tried to shut my eyes and think of good thought but there was just nothing in my mind to help me think about a positive and bright future, the world was going to end and there was nothing I could do about it...I hoped.

  Unfortunately I never understood where Invisibility and  Weather Manipulation would come in handy, I used invisibility to get out of school once...Maybe a bit more than once, but it got me into serious trouble when my parents found out. 
  I always imagined that their reactions would be bad, but I never expected them to be...that bad.
  Many people think that If I could have weather changing abilities, why don't you stop the earthquakes and heatwaves in the Earth, help the inhabitants; but truth is I can't, for Earthquakes are not really a weather, I cannot control disasters on the world, only proper weather like rain, snow, storm...unfortunately the stuff we get in Italy is only Earthquakes, and Tsunami's. Unfortunately I have only just discovered I have two powers - which made me wonder if anyone other of those superhero's had two powers - and my weather controlling powers were very mild at the minute, a small second class couldn't control  level 4 disaster, I'd have to be level 5 to be the superior one...But unfortunately I was not and I am not afraid to admit that I cried over it 

  I felt like an isolated outcast, a fragment in time which it did not need to be their. I felt freezing, even with two blankets on me. My heart felt sub-zero, my blood rapidly pumped slower than usual, and the hairs on the back of my neck froze and stood up.
  My brunette hair stuck to my sweaty face as it trickled down my forehead.  My tanned skin looked so ashen in this night atmosphere.

  I finally managed to rest my body and fall asleep, but my victory over rest was short-lived as, I woke up to hear the audio sound of a smashing crack. It wasn't possible that they followed me. 
  There was a shrouded silhouette in the archway of my door and it launched itself at me. It coiled it's fingers around my neck, and I struggled to release my arm. When I finally managed to free my right arm, I pointed to the night sky out of my window.
  There was a small rumble and then a small voltage of electricity. Finally I was able to see a crack of lightning and I pulsed it to the metal knife he was trying to slit my throat with, the pulse shocked him in his head, he recoiled down dead.
  I regret moving now because there was no one I could go to talk to about this now, even if I didn't move I could't because my parents died in a heatwave two months ago.

  The lightning which struck the mysterious man still lingered around the top of the atmospheric layer, and I could espy that it was vexed, enraged, I could see the blazing inferno it would have created if there were trees it could feast itself upon, but still I could keep on dreaming.
  I grabbed my stuff and then before I could leave to find somewhere to go, there was another veiled figure in my doorway, I recoiled.

  It put her hand out as if to say "STOP!"
  But it just stood there for ages, until it said "We have to go" It's voice told me it was a girl, a high-pitched feminine one.
  I stood there dumb-struck "Where to?"
  "I need to collect the others, there are more people like you there, we need to hurry before more turn up"
  "What's your name?"...

  But she just ignored me and then with a blink, I was in a whole different place, country...continent. 

The End

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