Alex Hanson

"My names Linda Berry, and I'm here today with Alexander Hanson-" 


"The next superhero to step forward with an amazing superpower!" She flashed a smile at the camera, before carrying on. 

"Alexander has agreed to do an exclusive interview today, where we will hopefully begin to understand the meanings of these superpowers, and his plans to use them to save the world." 

I turned the television off, and the image of my very uncomfortable expression disappeared. As soon as I stood on the set, I instantly regretted the decision to do that damn interview. 

I didn't even want to think of the cringey way she referred to me as a superhero throughout the whole thing, or the way she discussed a possible superhero outfit. I'm sure superman pulls it off fine, but I'd rather go out naked than run around in tights and a cape. 

The phone had been ringing non stop since it had aired, and I didn't know which call I dreaded more - my friends calling to wind me up about it, or people calling for more interviews and questions. 

Sitting down on my beanbag, I closed my eyes and sighed. Within the matter of three days, my whole life had turned upside down - and I couldn't decide yet whether it was for the better or the worse. 

The fact I had this power was a joke within itself! I mean, if I'd had known before  - 

No I had promised myself I wouldn't think that. I couldn't. 

The phone rang again, and I moaned. Damn people. Damn my power. I let it ring three times, then forced myself to get it. 

"Yo, Alex!"

I grimaced as I recognised my foster brothers voice. Jonah was highly irritating , but he had always looked up to me. Now hearing that his brother was - as Linda had put it - a 'superhero', his view of me had just improved ten times over. I did't think I could cope with that amount of positivity at the moment. 

"Jonah. Hey." I sighed back. "What's up?" 

"What's up?!" He said incredulously. "Your a celebrity man! A superhero! Mum's going crazy!" 

I knew Maria would be going out of her head - but I doubted it was because I had a power. After the interview had aired, I had been ignoring everyone and Maria did not take kindly to being ignored. I was actually surprised she hadn't stormed round here demanding me to talk to her. 

I had lived with Maria since I was ten years old, but I moved out when I turned seventeen. The flat I lived in now was small and it wasn't in the best of areas, but I felt better for moving. I loved Jonah, Maria and her husband - my foster dad - Kevin like they were my real family, but Maria had just had another child and there simply wasn't the space. Maria was sad to see me go, but she knew once I made a decision I stuck to it. 

"Go on, I know she's there. Put her on." I said to him and I heard him laugh.

"Your funeral." 

There was a rustle in the background as he passed the phone over, and then Maria's disappointed tone reached my ears. 

"Oh, the famous Alexander has finally had the time to answer our calls!" 

My eyebrows raised in surprise. "When do you ever call me Alexander?" 

"When do you ever avoid me for days on end?" she snapped back.

"Touche, mum." It was the only time I called her mum when I was talking to her. She liked it, so I went along with it. 

"How are you Alex?" Her tone instantly changed to caring and worried. 

"Oh I'm good. Don't worry about me. Just highly embarrassed that I let myself walk into that interview. She made me sound like some jerk who just wanted to be famous." 

"Honey, you didn't. Though you could have smiled a little. I don't think I've ever seen you look so uncomfortable. You normally find strange situations easy."

"I know, it was awful! I'll kill Kevin for talking me into doing it." I heard his booming laughter in the back ground. 

"Don't blame him, you've got your own mind. But seriously, when was the last time you left that flat?" 

I fiddled with the telephone wire, ignoring her question. I hadn't left the flat since the interview. Maria thankfully dropped it.

 "I was also wondering... Your power Alex. I know it's all new to you, but have you thought about what your going to do with it?" 

I scrunched my face into confusion. What did she mean, what was I going to do with it?

She carried on. "I mean, it's a big responsibility. There's a lot of people you could help. Think of all the lives you could save." 

It dawned on me, she wanted me to use my power to help others. It was only right, I guess. But I'd never be able to help everyone. I was surprised I hadn't been bombarded with requests already. Or maybe that's what all the phone calls I had ignored were about. 

"I don't know, mum. I need to think about it." She picked up on my reluctance to talk about it and once again let me drop it. 

She told me about her day, and all the other news that she had. Then she made me promise to go round the next day and hung up. I felt better after talking to her. 

I picked up the newspaper that was lying on the table. There was a massive picture of me on the front - one from my school prom - and underneath there were smaller images of other kids - the couple of other people who had powers. 

Would they contact me? Or was it down to me to contact them? 



The End

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