Elle Harper


"Hey!" someone shouted at me from behind as I walked along the street, head bowed, trying to avoid any attention. I heard running footsteps and heavy breathing as someone ran after me. Suddenly a hand appeared on my shoulder, and I decided I couldn't  ignore it any longer without pretending I had been conveniently struck deaf.

I turned round. "Yeah?" I said.

"You're Elle Harper, right?"

"Yes, I am," I said, suppressing a sigh, knowing the next question.

The girl turned round and yelled "Hey you guys! It is her, I told you so!"

The friends hurried over. On of them looked at my face, then my hands, then back at my face again.

"Is it true, then?" she asked. "Can you really control fire-"

"And water and earth and air." I finished her sentence for her. I couldn't be bothered to explain that I could only manipulate them, they had to be there already for me to do anything with them. "Yes, I can. You want to see."

I meant it as a statement rather than a question, as the answer was always the same, but I still got a small chorus of affirmation.

I pulled the little cigarette lighter from my pocket, flicked it. A tiny yellow flame sparked into existence at the top. I fixed my eyes on it and concentrated. The flame grew bigger, turned orange, and finally detached itself completely from the lighter. It floated about two inches, flickered, and then disappeared with my concentration.

All of them stared at me, jaws barely still attached to their faces.

I waited, and then said "I'm sorry, I'm in a bit of a hurry," before turning and walking away rather quickly. I flicked my hand at the sky, bringing a tiny bit of cloud overhead, and it began to rain.



I'll add more later.

The End

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