Rose Jackson

“Excuse me,” someone tapped on my shoulder, I turned around in the compact space and raised my eyebrows at the middle-aged woman with toddler in her arms,

“Yes?” I asked hitching my purse higher up on my shoulder,

“Are you Rose Jackson?” she asked in a Texan accent,

“I am, yes,” I said slowly bracing myself for her reaction. Human’s reactions in public are always a whole lot louder on the inside, her eyes widened and her mouth dropped,

“So you can…like, hear my thoughts?” she asked,

“I could if I wanted to,”

“Do you not just hear them?” she asked,

“It would be impossible to listen to everyone’s thoughts collectively, so no, I’m not listening to your thoughts unless I tune into them,”

“What am I thinking now?”

“You’re thinking ‘can she really read minds?’”

“ really can…” she said awestruck,

“Lucky guess,” I smiled and began to turn away, the bus shook and the baby’s dummy fell out its mouth; there was no space to bend down and pick it up, so the baby began to cry and the mother’s focus changed to her crying child instead. I sighed in relief, I hated the one-on-one attention I got from people, one question they were guaranteed to ask was ‘what am I thinking now?’ or alternatively ‘how do you do it?’ However the woman’s interrogations had caused some attention and the man in front of me turned,

“How do you do it?” he asked, I sighed,

“It’s complicated and this is my stop,” I pushed passed him and stepped off the crowded bus, I hated rush hour and somehow every time I used public transport someone would turn round and start talking to me. Looking at the sign I still had fifteen more blocks to walk to my house, but any long walk was better than hanging around on that bus. There was a pattering sound and I looked up to see it was raining, typical. I checked for my wallet and realized I was carrying a $20 bill, just enough to get me a taxi home, I whistled and a yellow cab pulled to a stop. I got in, put on my belt,

“Beverly Hills, Sunset Ridge Boulevard, number 1758,”  

“You’re that girl… that mind reader!” he said accusingly,

“No, I just look like her,” I said dismissively,

“Oh, sorry, I bet you get that all the time,” he said peering in his rearview mirror, I didn’t reply as he pulled off into the flow of traffic. I was bored so I tuned into his thoughts,

…this shouldn’t take long and then I can get back just in time to pick Courtney up from kindergarten, tomorrow is Ethan’s wedding and so I need to pick up my tux. Crap! The store will be shut by the time I’ve done this round and picked up Courtney, there’s no way I could drop her off and then get the tux before picking her up… I’m screwed!

“Hey you know what?!” I called out, “I’m good to get out here, I like the rain, we don’t get enough of it,”

“You sure?” he asked, “We’ve only gone like two blocks,”

“How much?” I asked,

“I’ll let you off,” he smiled into the mirror,

“Thanks…Carl,” I said reading his credentials. I got out and walked to the sidewalk, the rain pattered down on my head and I was soaked in minutes. My phone buzzed and I picked it up,

“What up Rosebud?” came a voice I well recognized,

“Hey Elliott,” I said ducking to find shelter,

“I was just calling to say ‘hi’,”

“That’s sweet, we haven’t spoken in ages!” I exclaimed,

“What’s that static I’m picking up?” he asked,

“Would you believe it’s raining?” I laughed,

“Raining, in the city of the sun?”

“I didn’t know LA was known as the city of the sun, but it sure ain’t sunny here,”

“If it’s any consolation, there’s three foot of snow outside over here in NYC,”

“That does make it better;” I smiled, “so what’s up?”

“Not much, I’m on my lunch hour but got two classes this afternoon,”

“I’m on my way home from shopping, but had to get out the bus after being pancaked by the amount of people,”

“Buy anything nice?” he inquired,

“Not really,” I said looking at my two bags, "only clothes and jewelry,"

“Have you seen the news recently?” he asked,

“No, why?”

“They’ve found someone else with powers,”

“Who?” I asked running from one shelter to another,

“A Mr. Alex Hanson from England,”

“Ooo a Brit,” I smiled, “what’s his power?”

“Elliott, Elliott!” came a voice from Elliott’s side of the phone, “Err...hey Rose, I’ve got a teacher after me, we’ll talk later… yes Ms. Bull I did hand in that essay…” the phone went dead. I smiled, another superhero, now there were three.

The End

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