After we finished eating everything off our plates, we were taken to the sleeping courters boys in one room and girls in another. It was basic yet comfortable and each of us had clothing to change into; combats t-shirts and boots all new. Elise was using the bathroom leaving me and Carmen alone, I was starting to feel bad about snapping at her.

“I’m sorry about before in the van.” I say from the bed nervously playing with my long hair. Carmen was in the mirror brushing her brown tangled hair she stopped. “It was wrong of me. You couldn’t have known.” She turned round sighed and came over. “Call it animal insistent or whatever but being trapped in that van was setting off some alarm within me and putting me on edge.”

“It’s ok Sophia I understand.” We sat in silence until Elise came back. “How’s your ankle?”

“Still a bit tender.” She replied. “So are you two friends now?”

“We broke friends right Sophia?” Carmen smiled. I smiled looking at them both and thinking of the others and what we had already been through together. We may be friends be I knew deep down we were all becoming something more.


Training was hell indeed. Andy, Matthew and Keith took us outside, talked us through fighting techniques and practiced on each other talking through each move. It was a lot to take in; Toby came out and sat away from us.

“Right now let’s see what you’re made of.” Andy said assessing all of us with his blue eyes. “You healer boy.”

Alex stood looking confused. “How did you know?”

“Haven’t got time for that now.” Andy replied and nodded towards Matthew. “Now all I want you to do is try and I mean try to tap Matthew body with your hand.” We all moved stood and stood in a semi-circle as Alex and Matthew moved into position. Alex raised his hand and reached forward only to tap the air, Matthew had moved smiling.

“Seriously my grandmother moves faster than you, the whole point is to land a hit on your opponent before they move or land a hit on you.” Matthew explained. “Try again.”

Alex tried again, again and again missing each time sweat appeared on his forehead. Andy cut in and whispered something into his ear; Alex tried again and got within reach this time.

Finally, Andy stopped them and then we all took it in turns with Matthew-well apart from Toby. Next we had to partner up and try the exercise on each other, we had to take it seriously but was kind of fun. Keith was stood back observing us making notes.

“That’s enough.” Andy shouted. “Warm-up over.” He smiled seeing our worn-out expressions. “I didn’t say it was going to be easy.”

The End

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