Elliot- We're basically Captain Americas without being patriotic

Stuffing my face was always my favourite part of holidays- the presents were lovely too, but there's something about food that just puts everyone in a genial mood. Though this wasn't wasn't a holiday- though perhaps it could be, a remote island, boat ride and lovely tour through the forest-  the food here was just as good as a Christmas dinner.

"Sophia, would you pass the rolls please?" She passed them over with a shy smile- which was pretty adorable I might add. 

"So, what are we meant to do now?" Elise asked. She'd voiced what we were thinking, but somehow saying it out loud made it into a reality. 

As if on cue the kidnappers came into the room, guns facing the floor, but still in their hands. Silence grasped hold of the conversation as they sat down  at the head of the table.

"We're here to tell you our story. First off, my name's Andy- and on my right is Keith and on my left is Matthew." Andy introduced. He looked descent enough, though I would never cross him with his large biceps covered in tattoos, though now that I was free to use my power, perhaps I would have had a chance.

"We were just like you once- fresh, and revving to save the world." Keith said. He had a rather unattractive stubbled growing on his face- not the kind that looked as though it was styled to look like that, but the kind that showed he really didn't bother about taking care of himself. His smell attested to that as well.

"Save the world?" Alex interjected.

"Do you really think you're the only ones with powers kid?" Keith retorted. Alex looked around at us, mirroring the surprised looks on all our faces.

"You really don't know anything, do you?"  Matthew said with disbelief. He seemed the denser of the three- though still quite threatening. "I guess we'll have to start from the very beginning." 

I very good place to start I thought to myself, as the three men launched into their tale.

I won't bore you with all the details- but the gist was that 20 some years ago purple eyes rounded 7 teens up- telling them that they had a role to play in saving the world. They were flown to this facility and were briefed by a load of scientists about their powers, and their powers were actually a science experiment from WW II that intended to create soldiers to end the war. It was all very Captain America-esque, without the fact that they were the perfect soldiers. The original 'guinea pigs' never showed signs of powers and the experiment shut down. Their coding injected into their DNA though passed down and was activated in some of the offspring. That was generation numero uno of the super experiment- which included Keith, Matthew, Andy, and 4 other (2 girls, who were currently away, and the other two died a while back). Generation 2 was now apparently activated- and that was us. And we were here to finish what they had started.

"Which is what exactly?"  Elise piped.

"Gotta complete the training first," Keith said with a sneer.

"Which is hell," Carmen grimaced- glaring at the grinning Matthew. "And there's no way out."

"So- let's get started shall we!" 

The End

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