Sophia-Trapped like an animal


My throat was sore when I came round, body ached, I was hungry and in desperate need of a shower. To say I had enough of this adventure was an understatement. The van bounced us around on its uneven road and swung around each corner, it was small too everyone was awake and thinking the same thing ‘what’s going to happen now’.

“The man didn’t seem threatening.” Carmen said, I looked at her sharing a knowing look, she read his mind.

“What and you trusted him?” I replied hearing the edge in my voice, the others looked back confused.

“I didn’t say that.”

“Well the words ‘welcome to hell’ sorry but did you hear something else when he said that? Then start attacking us with gas I mean how that doesn’t seem threatening I don’t know.” I didn’t realised how worked up I was getting but I couldn’t stop it. “Do you trust people so easily?”

“Sophia I didn’t know who he was.” Carmen was trying to be calm. “Trusting can be hard to.”

“Hey come on girls let drop it and

I cut Alex off I annoyed now, irritated and feeling trapped surrounded by everyone and couldn’t escape my eyes looking everywhere. Like a wild animal.

“I bet you live an easily life, knowing that your family has your back and trusting that they won’t ever let you down.” I sighed bring my knees up and resting my head my dark long hair falling over blocking them out. “None of you know what it’s like.”


“Wakely wakely children rise and shine.” A deep voice called. I was lying on something warm and it groaned. It made me jump up and I saw that I had been lying on Elliot chest.

“Oh I’m sorry.” I whispered feeling embarrassed.

“It’s ok; you drifted off and fell on me I must have fallen asleep to.” Elliot smiled.

“You two move it.” It was a different man from before and was holding the van door open.

“Or what?” Elliot asked raising his eyebrow almost challenging. “Why should we?”

“You could stay here I don’t mind either way, but I think your want to come in, have something to eat, shower and rest.” The man explained clearly knowing that we would follow. The thought of staying in the van made me nervous again, the man watched me and nodded. “She needs to get out boy.”

“Where are the others?” Elliot asked.

“Probably on their second helping of breakfast.” The man smiled moving his long blonde hair away from his face; he looked in his 30’s and tanned muscle skin.

“How can we trust you?”

“You can’t boy, but you can give us a chance to prove that we can help you all and stop the evil that surrounds us.” Then I saw the strange mark by his collar bone and gasped.

“You’re like us?”

“Come we have lots to talk about.”

The End

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