Elise- Dashing away Hope

 The moment Carmen's shout came I dropped a stone, which I had been levitating on top of a tower Elliot and I had been constructing, causing a great crashing sound. The other further out from us came rushing back.

"What happened, is everyone alright?" Sophia asked.

"We're fine. Carmen shouted and startled Elise. We should go see what she was on about!" Elliot explained, grabbing her and my hand and pulling us down the small hill that we had been standing on, and into the small clearing not 150m away. Toby trudged behind us.

"What happened?" I asked. Alex pointed in the direction Carmen had been looking, and lo and behold there was a figure walking. It looked to be about medium height with short hair- though long enough to be a boy or girl's. 

"What do we do?" Sophia asked, breaking the silence.

"It's civilization, we should go shake their hand and thank them for saving us!" I said. It came off more enthusiastic than I meant. I was hungry and anxious for someone to point me to a decent spot to eat. And a bathroom would be nice.

"Shouldn't we be cautious, what if they're not friendly?" Toby said, crossing his arms.

"We need to find people though and get out of this place," Carmen said. "And he's not malicious... at least, his thoughts aren't." We took a moment the digest what she said.

"Right, well, I'm hungry and tired and just want to leave this place. How about we go talk to  the guy, or girl I guess. Don't reveal we have powers- normal for pretty much everyone here- and ask them to point us to town. Deal?" Alex directed. We all nodded- even Toby.

We walked toward the figure, who turned out to be male. Brown hair hung at his forehead, and a long stick swung at his side.

"Hello!" Alex called. The figure smiled.

"Hello," he said- though with a strange accent. Perhaps it wasn't even an accent, it sounded more like a ring to his voice- as though-

The man suddenly multiplied into 10 more figures, each looking different, but doing the same actions.

"Welcome to hell," he said in surround sound. Elliot burst into flames and I was levitating a rock straight for his head when he flicked his thumb over his stick and a gas erupted. Elliot immediately stopped burning and I felt the weight of my rock fall. My eyes grew droopy and quick as a wink, darkness overtook me.

The End

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