Toby Johnson

The world around me went black. I shouldn't have come. I knew it was going to end in our deaths. Why did I always have to let my heart win over my head? This is always what happened. For once, just once why couldn't other people actually listen to me? Why couldn't I listen to me? I supposed I was getting what I deserved. I knew what was going to happen and walked right into it. 

Those were my last thoughts before completely losing consciousness. Some indiscernible time later I was tugged back into consciousness. We were still on the raft and healer-boy was in front of my face. I coughed harshly, even spitting up a little blood before looking back at him. 

"We need to get out of here!" He shouted at me, his voice broken with fear. 

I looked around. Everyone else was still out and I started coughing again. The gas was still in the air and I was starting to feel woozy again. I remembered that the walls of the dome had been very close, we could swim out even carrying everyone else if there were a way out. Suddenly an idea struck me and I jumped in the water. 

"Hey!" Healer boy screamed as I started to swim away from the raft, "you can't just leave us here!" 

I ignored him and swam toward the walls of the dome. It wasn't long at all before I slammed into the walls. I put a hand on the wall, it was definitely a material of some kind. Perfect, that was exactly what I was hoping for. 

Using the wall, I launched myself back at the raft. My vision was starting to go black again and I spluttered at Alex. " need...I need...heal..." He got my point and put his hand on my chest. I immediately started feeling better and my vision started to return to normal. My eyes got bright, but as my vision and health returned I could see Healer getting more and more sluggish. I pushed his hand off. "Enough!" I told him. 

Then I directed my attention to the motor I had created the night before. I was still really sore and tired from it, but I needed to use my abilities again. I turned the motor on full and got the raft moving full-speed toward the wall. We slammed uncomfortably into the wall. Not even a crack. I wasn't put off though, I moved over to the front of the raft and put my hands on the wall and concentrated. The material of the wall started to take on a more liquid consistency and then started to reform itself. Soon there was a hole the size of the raft in the wall and our raft was hurtling through the water, getting away from that place as fast as we could, and there was a massive platter of steak burritos sitting in front of me. 

I went to check on everybody and make sure that they were at least still alive. It didn't take long to make sure that everyone did indeed still have a pulse. So I sat down with my platter of burritos and began to eat. I was going to need the energy after all the transmutation I had been doing. 

The End

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