“I can’t feel anything.” I suddenly said worry crept into my voice; the others looked at me confused. “Nature I can’t feel it.”

“Maybe you’re just drained.” Elise replied touching my hand reassuringly.

“No you don’t understand, I can always feel it around me and I haven’t since waking up. Something not right.”

“Dam that’s not good.” Elliot said running his hands through his hair.

We sat lost in our thoughts; confuse faces and all wondering how we were going to get out this. I thought back to Elise question ‘what was home like?’ I kept it brief not wanting to go into detail that my parents didn’t want me as a baby, so said I lived in a big family and hoped they believed it.

“This doesn’t make any sense, the blanket floated away.” Carmen said feeling the water. “Alex have you still got some stones?”

“Erm one why?” Alex took the stone from his pocket

“Throw it like before.”

“This is no time for skimming stones.” Toby commented rolling his eyes.

“Just throw the stone like before.” Carmen ignored Toby attitude.

Alex throw the stone over his head and we all watched as the stone hit something making it bounce back landing on the raff. He repeated this going to different sides of the boat and throwing it up in the air.

“An invisible dome.” I whispered fear crept over me hating feeling trapped.

“So how do we get out of this?” Elliot asked what all of us where thinking, we sat looking around for ideas, mist started coming over us from the water. But it wasn’t until a few of us started to cough when we realised something more was going on.

“We could…jump in water.” Elise coughed. “My head hurts”

“We… don’t know how… far it…goes down.” Alex replied coughing.

“Some...thing wrong with… the mist…we’re…all coughing. It’s thick.” Elliot said.

Carmen suddenly fell backwards eyes closed; Toby who was closes felt her neck. “She’s fine-

Toby was neck to fall forward, the mist was stronger making it even hard to see, we couldn’t do anything, my head was becoming foggy and my vision burled. The others went down and next thing I knew everything was black.


The End

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