Elliot: Going somewhere?

I woke from my light sleep at the sound of a small motor buzzing away. Was there a boat coming up to us!? I looked about for signs of humans racing out to save the small raft, but none came. The only thing I saw was the scenery passing, rather quickly I might add. Then I realized. I looked at Toby, passed out, and then and the rear of the boat. Sure enough, a motor had been formed.  That guy wasn't half bad, grumpy, but he was smart. 

Carmen, whose feet and been near my head (we had slept in a line, each person laying an opposite way so that the three guys' heads were surrounded by the three girls' feet and vice versa) began to stir. She sat up (no one stayed laying down long after waking, the raft wasn't all that comfortable) and noticed the motor. 

"We should have thought of that," She commented.

"Toby must have." I replied, nodding my head in the direction of his passed out form.

"I don't really understand him." She said.

"I don't really understand any of us."  She opened her mouth but closed it. She understood. We were all weird and complicated- Toby might have had a different personality, but we were all obscure according to normal people standards, so we oughtn't judge Toby too harshly- no matter how irritating he could be.

Sophia sat up next (she had been sleeping between Alex and I) and went through the same process Carmen and I had. Before she could comment though Elise and Alex sat up as well. 

"So, we're zipping on down the lake pretty fast, and still seem no closer to the opposite end." Sophia said. We all looked around, and realized she was right. We were definitely moving- I could see the trees going by- but we seemed the same distance from the end we were trying to get to. 

"This doesn't make sense." Alex said after a few minutes of us all trying to determine if we were moving. 

Elise began ripping off one of the blanket corners. 

"What are you doing?!" I asked. this was no time to be ripping up our supplies!" She didn't reply but finished ripping and chucked it into the lake. It sat there and began to float gently away.

"We're not moving," Carmen breathed- voicing all of our thoughts.

"What's all the hullabaloo about?" Toby asked groggily, slowly sitting up. No one bothered to answer for a moment, all of us were too dumbfounded to say anything.

Alex broke the silence. "We're stuck."

The End

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