Elise- And Away We Go

We had decided that the lake was big enough to warrant a raft, which we would use to float across and hopefully meet up with some sort of civilization. If we didn't find anyone I was praying we'd at least get food, because those airplane peanuts did not last very long.

We worked tirelessly for five hours (Toby had set up a sundial after grumbling about not knowing the time) gathering vines and branches and tying it all together to make a raft. My ankle burned, but I paid it no mind. Alex had offered to try and heal it but he had been wiped after healing Toby and I didn't went to exhaust him again- he was needed to keep the group functioning and to help build the raft.

"Do you think it'll work now?" Sophia asked. I nodded and noticed the others doing the same.

"Should we leave now or tomorrow when we can have all day?" I asked.

"Now seems pretty good, if we leave tomorrow you pale people will get burned in the afternoon sun," Carmen said, grinning. Her bronzed skin would have made it nearly impossible for the sun to touch her- while my pale flesh was already starting to look a bit pink from working in the afternoon (even though we were in the shade!)

"Yeah, and  we need to get moving, we're going to be extremely hungry by tomorrow and we have no idea how long this water goes- it seems pretty big and may even feed into a river." Elliot confirmed.

"Should we worry about the cold night or the fact that we won't be able to see?" I asked. I wanted to leave that instant, but there were some practicalities to think of.

"We could use the blankets Toby made last night for warmth again, and we'll be pretty squished so body heat will help," Sophia said. I nodded again.

"And there's a full moon, so we'll be able to see relatively well." Alex added. 

"Sounds like it's settled then- let's push off stop gabbing about it," Toby finished. It was somehow final after Toby spoke,  for at his words everyone moved around, grabbed jackets and blankets and spread them on the raft to keep them from getting wet.

When we pushed off and began floating down the mysterious lake, I breathed a sigh of relief. I'd been so worried that something would happen and we wouldn't be able to leave, or that the raft would float properly. But everything was going well- far better than expected. Toby had immediately turned onto his side and appeared to be sleeping, Sophia was laying on her belly and dipping her hands into the water, "the fish here are crazy!" she exclaimed, making all of us both laugh and marvel that she was actually hearing and understanding the little blubs. Carmen and Elliot were discussing surfing- apparently he lived in California. Alex was skipping stones that he had collected while we were still on land and I was entertaining myself by making them skip 2 or 3 times their normal distance- making Alex's eyes widen with glee each times they went further than he normally would have done.

Alex finally stopped skipping his stones, wanting to save the rest for later.

I laid down on my back and closed my eyes and Livi, my sister, immediately came to mind. she was a little tyke, but I missed her. Would I ever see her again?

"What's home like for you guys?" I asked.

The End

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