Sophia-Team work


“So your power is becoming useful.” Carmen commented as we bent down to lift a fallen tree branch.

“I’ve never really had chance to really use before.” We started walking over the bumpy ground.

“When did you find out? That you had power.” She asked behind me.

“Erm I don’t know…think from the start. We better try and find something to tie everything.” I replied wanting to distract her. Carmen was cleaver though and drew me back.

“From the start how do you mean?”

I sighed thinking how best to explain without giving too much away. “I’ve always had a special link to nature from a really early age.” The sun was peeking through leaves warming us from the cold night before. “So…Carmen I hope you don’t mind me asking but what is your power?”

Now it was Carmen turn to be quite for a moment, surely she had a power? No she must. “I have got a power…I can read people minds.” I stopped looking back at Carmen her face a mix of emotions.

“That must be hard for you, hearing everyone thoughts, and knowing private thoughts. Why haven’t you said anything?”

“Guess I don’t want people treating me differently and it’s not something you shout about ‘hey I can read your mind.’ It does come in handy sometimes but other times…” She trailed off lost in thought.

‘Don’t hide who you are.’ Carmen caught my eye and smiled. “Thanks Sophia, come on we better go and see what the others have found.”


The raff was finally ready and amazingly looked big enough for all of us. Alex woke up still looking tired rubbing his eyes and Toby even gave an input to building the raff…well Toby way of working in a team.

“Wait stop do want fall straight through? Tie it round there.”  Toby said to Elliot who was doing the finishing touches.

“Nice to see everyone getting along.” Alex observed standing next to me.

I smiled. “That’s one word for it.”

“I think we’re finished. Let’s see how she floats.” Elise shouted I noticed that she still had a slight limp to her foot but carried out not letting it drag her down.

The End

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