Alex Hanson

We all split up in hunt of materials to help build a raft with. Elliott offered to stay with Elise as she wouldn't be much use with her ankle. Sophia and Carmen headed west, with Toby storming off to the south. It was probably a good idea that Carmen and Toby had split up as things were starting to get a little tense. 

I headed off in Toby's direction. It was clear he preferred to be alone so I didn't rush, but I didn't want him wandering off by himself again in the state he was in. When we had stopped yesterday to make camp, I was mortified when he wasn't there. We had all assumed he had trailed behind to be alone but after an hour, I was close to suggesting sending a search team out for him. Luckily he had turned up then covered in blood. 

I felt useless not being able to heal him or Elise. I'd just never tried before. Locking into my biological map was easy, I didn't even need to think about it any more. Sending my mind out in search of somebody else's wasn't that hard either but when I tried to manipulate their injuries, I was as useless. What use was a healer in the group, if he couldn't heal? 

I locked onto my map, observing every part of my body in search of something wrong. Apart from exhaustion, I was healthy but that wasn't something I could heal. Curing my self took away energy, it didn't give it. 

It was so easy to heal myself. All I had to do was move things in my mind, a bit like sewing. Thinking of it like that gave me an idea. 

"Toby!" I shouted, running forwards. Luckily he hadn't gotten too far. 

He rolled his eyes when he saw me. "Can I get no peace round here?" He muttered. 

I blushed. "Sorry, I just didn't want you wondering alone and getting hurt." 

"I can take care of myself." He said, and then carried on walking. Jesus, why did he make it so hard for people to help him. I had never met such a self absorbed fool in my life. 

"Listen, stop." I said, running in front of him. "Before you start ranting, I want to try something." 

His eyes narrowed, but he didn't move. I breathed out and then placed my hands on his head. He was a little shorter than me, but not by much. I closed my eyes and sent my mind out. 

He was in really bad shape. Not only was the cut in his head quite deep but he had a linear skull fracture and his immune system looked very weak. It was a surprise he was still up and running. 

"You're not looking so good." I mumbled and he looked at me as if to say 'state the obvious'. 

Now I knew what was wrong, it was time to start thinking about whether I could mend it. When it was me, I didn't even need to think about it most of the time but he wasn't me. This was another being all together. Yet, if I someone tricked myself into thinking it was me, then maybe... 

I tried to push my mind out even further and concentrated on his map - my map. My head was cut badly. My skull was fractured. My body was weak and cold. My head was cut. By skull was broken. My body was cold. Cut. Broken. Cold. Cut. Broken. Cold. 

Suddenly, I felt it. It was easy! Bones smoothed over, skin knitted shut, his body began to regenerate in front of my very eyes and I was doing it! I could see everything now so clearly and I knew I could fix it. Every little scar he had, I mended and every blemish was removed. I opened my eyes, laughed and then dropped to the ground in a deep sleep. 

The End

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