Elise- We have our heading

Great. This whole trip was crazy, and now our plane had crashed and my ankle was hurt.

"This is Elliot Pizarro." Carmen announced, walking over to the new guy who helped save me. There was a long, thin cut down us face, likely from a piece of metal in the plane. He was tall enough, though not a basketball player, with tanned skin and dark hair and eyes. If I had to guess I'd say he was a foreigner from a Mediterranean country. But would that make him foreign?- we were in Europe now...

So what does knowing where we are help? The girl and I are hurt and the plane is obviously un-flyable.” I sniffed at bit at being called “the girl.”

Well, we know what direction to walk in now to find help, and we won't sound stupid when we ask people where we are. I honestly pride myself on knowing at least the continent I'm on, and now we know the country too.” Alex said in a patronizing tone, as if talking to a child. Toby rolled his eyes and looked like he was going to say something, but decided against in kept quite. Good idea. Alex pinned the bandage into place and said something to Toby- all I could catch was “don't move too fast.” so I assumed he was giving doctorly advice. We were definitely a crazy group of kids.

Alex left Toby's side and moved over to my ankle. He moved it around a little, but the moment I winced quickly set it down. He muttered a little to himself and placed his hand around my foot. The 'H' started to glow and I could feel a tingling sensation passing through my leg.

So, am I going to die?” I asked, nonchalantly.

Haha, not yet,” Alex replied. “I can't really do much for it, only diagnose,, but I definitely know you won't die- from this injury at least. You've got a twisted ankle and a couple of burst capillaries, nothing that's too serious. I'll just wrap it up and if you don't put much pressure on it then you should be fine.”

How do you know all this stuff?” I asked as he wrapped my ankle. “A twisted ankle okay, that's normal, but burst capillaries?”

I can heal my own body, and I learned how to read it too- so I know exactly how everything works. I can read your body too, but I can't heal it for some reason. I guess because I've never tried to work my magic on other people.”

Well, if you ever figure it out, my head would love to get rid of this headache,” Toby grumbled. Alex shrugged it off, but I could tell he was slightly perturbed.

So, should we just chill here or start walking?” Carmen asked after seeing both Toby and I were okay.

There's a town about 70 km north of here,” Sophia volunteered.

That's our goal then I guess.” said Alex, breaking out of his reverie.

I can't walk that long!” Toby exclaimed, pointing to his head. He had a point. Both he and I were injured.

Well we can't stay here- there's no chance of rescue and we have no food or water.” Carmen had a valid point.

Sophia, is there anything else nearby?” Elliot, the new kid, asked.

There's a lake about 10 km East of us.” she responded, screwing her eyes up as though to remember a mental map.

Hi-ho to the lake then! There are always people near lakes, and lakes mean rivers and rivers mean water. Survival 101.” Elliot spouted off.

Seems a good plan to me,” Alex nodded.

Me too,” I chimed.

Looks like we have a majority- to the lake!” Carmen exclaimed.

The End

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