Sophia-Crash, help and headache


Everything became a blur; some were screaming and others were trying to use our powers to save the plane from crashing and then came the silence. The plane had landed. I looked around seeing everyone, my heart jumped into mouth thinking that no-one had survived and then slowly they started to move sharing the same shocked expression.

“Everyone ok?” Alex asked turning to look at each of us.

“My leg is trapped on something.” Elise replied trying to move her leg.

“We need to get out in case the plane engine catches fire.” Carmen added. “Where’s Toby?”

I managed to get of the chair and looked around the ripped out plane and then I spotted him. “He’s bleeding!”

“HELP!” Elise shouted.

Suddenly, the plane door opened and a boy about our age came in. “Hello can I help anyone?” For a moment we all stared at him. “We can introduce ourselves later, but for now we need to get out of here.”

“Get him first, he’s bleeding, but I think he’s breathing.” I said.

“Here I’ll help you.” Alex went over to Toby with the newcomer and together they managed to get him off the plane.

“Carmen do you need some help?” She was bent down trying to help Elise untangle her foot.

“Yeah I’ve nearly got it, can you find anything sharp? The belt twisted around her ankle.”

“Sure.” I searched seeing nothing suitable until Alex came back in. “Have you still got that glass or anything else sharp Carmen needs it.”

He patted down his pockets as he went over to the girls and pulled out the piece of glass. Alex freed Elise foot and we all climbed out the plane, the newcomer was by Toby checking his pulse.

“He’s breathing but we need something to stop the bleeding.” The newcomer said.

“Wouldn’t there be a first aid box on the plane?” Carmen looked back to the plane.

“I’ll go and look.” Alex offered.

“I’ll come too but we better be quick.” The newcomer headed back to the plane Alex smiled at us before going back in the plane.

“Typical boys always like to show their tougher than girls.” Carmen commented kneeling by Toby. “How’s your ankle Elise?”

I walked away taking a look around the area. Trees surrounded us, the sun peeked through the leaves, and I went over to the tree feeling the rough bark under my fingers and closed my eyes concentrating.   

“We got the first aid box.”

“Alex could you, I don’t know use your power to help him?” Someone asked I wasn’t paying attention I needed to know where we were, I dug my hands harder into the bark feeling it cut my skin and then I felt my power rise inside of me, I was lost in it gathering the information and let go.

My head started to throb, the strange ‘N’ by my right ear burned slightly I stepped away from the tree feeling amazed that I had managed to do that.

“Where are we?” The newcomer whose name I had missed while I was with the tree asked, Alex was sitting on the ground by Toby not looking too great all of a sudden.

“Rostock Heath.” I answered rubbing my head; the others stared questionably at me. “It’s seems like some nature reserve…in Germany.”   

“Trust nature girl to know.” Toby sat up noticing the newcomer. “Oh good another hero.”

“Nice to know you’re charming personally still there.” Carmen commented and walked over to the newcomer. “This is Elliot Pizarro.”  

The End

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