Toby Johnson

I really started feeling bad after pushing Blondie. I hadn't meant to hurt her at all...I just wanted to get her away. hurting people was not something I enjoyed even in the slightest. But I couldn't let it show. 

Eventually the clenched, sick feeling in my stomach went away and I settled back down into my chair. Maybe they would forget about it. Maybe. Rather than worry about it I decided to sleep, and sleep I did. For about twenty minutes, until the plane began shaking so hard that it woke me up. My eyes widened as I looked out the windows. The sky was stained black and purple with massive, angry clouds everywhere. I turned and stared at weather-girl accusingly but she just shrugged helplessly. She had claimed to control the weather...even if this wasn't her doing why couldn't she fix it! The plane started shaking harder and as I watched a crack started crawling out from the base of the wing. 

"Everybody get down!" I screamed, "We're about to have a VERY bad crash!"  then braced my head against the seat in front of me. 

The wing finally gave out with a loud snap that sounded almost like a bomb going off and the plane flung itself at the ground, spiraling left and right as it we flew to certain death. Somehow it all became clear to me. We were going to die unless we somehow could tip the plane out of the nose dive. My mind started racing. We had powers. We had to do this. But how? 

"HEY!" I shouted, trying to be heard over all the others who were currently screaming their heads off. "HEY!" I screamed again, at the top of my lungs. I unbuckled my seatbelt and flung myself at levitation girl. I stared her straight in the eye. "You need to stop freaking out and work with me or we are all going to die. Now, I need you to focus all of your powers on getting the nose of the plane level with the ground." I shouted at her. "Can I trust you to do that?" I demanded.

She nodded at me with huge, round eyes and I moved on to the girl with weather control and repeated the process, suggesting that she use some wind to push the plane. Time was running out very quickly but I started to feel the plane tipping out of it's nosedive. I ran over to the window and started something I had never done before. I needed to make a new wing. I figured since the plane was all connected I could use the seats for material to make the wing from. But taking all that matter from so far away and moving it into the wing. It was going to be tough to say the least. I buckled myself in then pressed my head and hands against the window; focusing all of my energy on the task ahead. 

It took all of the seats in the plane except the ones already in use and it took all of my energy, but I managed to complete the new wing in just enough time to even out the flight and allow the pilot, whoever it was, to make a rough landing. As the plane ground to a halt I didn't have the strength left to hold my head steady and I ended up slamming it against the window pane. Hard. Blood began running down my face and smeared all over the window. I glanced at it woozily, barely aware that, with how much blood I was losing and how fast I was losing it, I could end up dead in about half an hour. With that thought in my head I blacked out. 

The End

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