Carmen - Friend or Foe?

I couldn't believe I'd messed up. It must have been the foreignness of the situation because I had practised and practised not replying to people's thoughts. Then wham, suddenly I blurt out “I'll say!” without even realising. I noticed Elise watching me from the corner of her eye, I knew it was her thought I had answered and I knew I needed to be wary of her. Or maybe I could befriend her, let her know my secret?

With the ability to hear people's thoughts, people often think it's easy to differentiate the spoken word and the thought process. And sometimes it can be easy, other times it can be hard – it depends on the person. It's like having a dream and not remembering whether it was reality or made up, it's confusing but after time you can remember. Something though there just isn't time.

So, I guess we've just got to figure out what you can do,” Alex told me. I watch his face as his thoughts filled my ears 'Maybe she was brought here by mistake? Maybe she has a power but doesn't know it, or maybe she does know it...'

We're about to take off,” the captain said through the speaker system. I fastened my seatbelt and tuned into the thoughts of people around me. It was like tuning into a hazy radio station and I realised I had too much on my own mind to listen to other people's thoughts. I was surprised how calm I was keeping in this ludicrous situation. I had woken up this morning in Queensland, Australia and now here I was leaving LAX and heading to Belgrade. First of all, why hadn't I just been transported to Belgrade? I didn't know where it was exactly but it sounded European. I still had a niggling feeling that if I fell asleep and I'd wake up back at home, but deep down I knew this was really happening. These people with me had powers, I'd thought it was only me but how wrong I had been. My thoughts were rushing through my head at rapid speed but I had to engage in the conversation because I was being asked something.

...Carmen?” Elise called waving her hand in my face. I looked up wide-eyed and smiled,

Sorry, I was just freaking out quietly to myself. Why are you guys acting normally?”

How else are we supposed to act?” Alex asked,

I don't know, no one is asking any questions!” I told them,

No one has any of the answers,” Sophia replied. I exhaled and sat back in my seat, she was right and there was little we could do now apart from wait this flight out and see what happened.

But in the mean time, there are some questions we can answer,” Alex smiled. “So you're from Australia?”

Yeah, born and raised,” I smiled. Elise was watching me again so I turned to her,

Where abouts in America are you from?”

Delaware most of the time and California for some holidays,” she smiled back and I felt a little more at ease, despite not knowing where the heck Delaware was in America.


Does this even matter?” The guy I still didn't know the name of asked. He didn't even bother turning his head towards us as he spoke. I really didn't like him.

I think it would help if we knew each other a little before we're asked to save the world!” Sophia snapped, the plane jerked a little as she spoke and the 'turbulence – put on your seat belts' sign came onto the screen. I reached for my belt but Sophia grabbed my wrist,

Don't bother, that was me.”


Sometimes my emotions depict the weather, that was just a little angry-wind,” she smiled and the sign disappeared from the screen. “See?” she muttered.

Anyway,” Toby spoke loudly and turned to face us finally, “Stop trying to make the situation better, we're not here to make friends. We're here to do a job and then we can go back home, resume our lives and never speak to each other again.” He turned back towards the window and I rolled my eyes which made Elise grin.

Someone got out of bed the wrong way,” Alex whispered,

Heard that!” Toby snapped.

Look dude, you might not be here to make friends but doesn't mean the rest of us have to hate each other!” I growled standing up. He didn't turn to face me so I touched his shoulder and tried to spin him round, he grabbed my wrist and threw me back. I tripped over Alex's foot and landed in the aisle. “You know it's rude not to look at someone when you're talking to them!” I told him as I got up.

You know it's rude to touch people when they obviously want their own space,”

You know it's rude to hit a girl?” I retorted. He narrowed his eyes and smiled,

Well sorry,” he said – I knew he didn't mean it but I had fought enough. I sat back in my seat and tuned into his thoughts. 'Maybe Blondie has a point, I shouldn't have lost my temper like that. Now they're all going to hate me'

Despite calling me Blondie, I could see he did have some humility behind his façade. I settled into my seat and smiled at the group to show them I was good. But I wasn't. What the heck was going on?!

The End

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