Elise Hazard- Re-intros

The boy with the Southern accent went to the back of the first class section and sat with his eyes closed in the window seat. He was as far away as possible from the rest of us. How lovely.

            I sat towards the middle on the aisle seat, enjoying the comfy first class seat. I was used to flying, my mom lived in Delaware with my step dad (who I pretty much considered my real dad) and my dad lived in California so I flew between them for a couple holidays and such. However I was always in second class, which couldn’t compare to this luxury. Everyone else sat around me too- the Brit was across and one up, the Aussie directly across, and the new girl in front of me. We formed a sort of square of awkwardness.

            The little seatbelt light lit up and I clicked mine into place as I thought about the strangeness of our group. We were all very different; there was an Aussie, a Brit, a Southern dude, me, and the new girl whose ‘place of origin’ I didn’t know.

            “So, names?” I asked. I’d already asked about powers, and might as well find out names.

            “I’m Alex,” the Brit said immediately. It seemed that he had been about to ask the same question.


            “Sophia,” the girl in front said last.

            “What’s yours?” The Aussie called Carmen asked.


            “So, we’re saving the world together.” Alex said.

            “Exciting stuff,” I grinned shyly. Normally I wasn’t such a conversationalist among new people, but my mind was bursting and I just had to know.

            “Saving the world?” Carmen asked, her coffee coloured eyes portraying her confusion.

            “Oh, you weren’t there when Purple explained.” Alex said. “We’ve all got powers apparently- aside from Carmen here- and we’re supposed to use them to save the world.” His last words he said dramatically with emphatic hand motions.

            “At least, that’s what Purple-Eyes told us.” I commented.

            “So what are your powers?” Sophia asked after a few moments of silence. We all shifted a little. Asking that question was so intimate- and though we’d already told each other, saying it again seemed so… I couldn’t explain it. We were telling our biggest secret. I had only told one person before, Spencer, and that was because I had no idea what was happening to me when I could suddenly make things fly.

            “I can heal myself,” Alex said after an awkward pause. I looked him over and realized that was completely believable. There wasn’t as much as a scratch on him. However, he took it upon himself to show us exactly what he could do.

            “Anyone have something sharp?” he asked. “Wait, nevermind, I’ve got what I need,” and he pulled out a small piece of glass from his pocket. Did he keep it there just to show people?

            Alex drew the glass along the top of his right hand, a small line of blood forming in its wake. Sophia shuddered a little, and let out a small gasp when the blood suddenly retracted and went back into his vein and the skin squeezed together again and looked unblemished.

            Alex looked up and grinned sheepishly. The rest of his were still mesmerized his hand. Not a scratch was left. Incredible; I wondered if he could heal other people. I nearly asked when Sophia said piped in.

             “I can’t really show you guys, but I’ve got a strong connection to nature. Animals love me, I can make plants grow, and the weather seems to reflect weather I want it to be.” She finished. Woah- that was intense.

            “I’ll say!” Carmen said looking at me. I stared at her questioningly. Had I said that aloud? Her eyes widened and she sunk into her seat.

            “Mine isn’t quite so intense, but I can make stuff levitate, or fly.” I said. I looked around and noticed a pillow laying on a seat a few rows up. I looked at it and made in come over to my hand.       

            “Cool!” Alex said, and Carmen and Sophia nodded in agreement.

            “So, I guess we've just got to figure out what you can do," Alex said to Carmen. She stared thoughtfully at him and I thought she was about to open her mouth when the captain started speaking.

"We're about to take off."



The End

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