Sophia Redbird

The family were sitting on a picnic blanket in the park, the baby girl curled up in her mother arms and her father brushing his fingers gently through her hair. The baby girl giggled making her parents smile with joy at their little girl.

“Rock-a-bye baby on the tree top, when the wind blows, the cradle will rock…”

The scenery changed, the parents were nowhere to be seen and the little was left in a basket with a blanket wrapped around her tiny body. There was a strange mark under her right ear, she was sleeping soundly and a small piece of paper was hidden in the basket.

“When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall, and down the baby will fall, cradle and all…”


I was jerked awake from my peaceful slumber of sleep hearing screaming and then my name being called.

“Sophia, Sophia!” I jumped out of bed grabbing a pair of dark jeans, purple top and black flat pumps making my way down the stairs passing everyone decorated doors. I reached the kitchen and saw Mo standing on a chair way her dish cloth around.

“Sophia, get it! Get it!” She was all hot and flustered.

“Get what?” I replied then I saw the problem or rather felt it. Moving down to the floor I spotted the small brown fur of a mouse. “It’s a mouse.”

“I know get it out quick!”

I reached out picking up on its scared mind, worried and trapped it didn’t like being trapped, “Hey little one it’s okay come to me.” I whispered softy holding out my hand reassuring that it’s safe. The mouse sniffed my hand and looked into my brown eyes then slowly crawled into my hand. “I got it Mo you carrying on with breakfast I’m sure everyone is up now.”

“Here you go little one.” I placed the mouse on the ground where he could run away from here, it seemed like he didn’t want to leave my hands, his brown fur blended in with my skin. “Go on your free.” Then he was off and disappeared, I stood up and went to head back inside when something caught my eyes.

I found myself walking toward a purple flower, everything about that flower captured me, the deep purple, lushes green leaves and it was if it was saying my name. ‘Sophia, come before it’s too late.’ My hand reached out to touch it and then the world started to spin…I was falling…falling…falling…purple eyes…

“Can I help you?” I looked up seeing a man with short black hair; he was huge and had purple eyes. I got to my feet noticing I was in an airport-what on earth was going on? “That gate is boarding Sophia I’ll get running if I was you before it’s too late.” The man said and pointed to a walkway, I had a ticket in my hand and a passport. Wait a passport? I’ve never left Georgia! “Sophia run!”

So I did dashing pass people, somehow I had a shoulder bag banging against my led and I stumbled up the steps to the plane and tripped going head first through the door.

“Oww!” This was not my day.

“Hey, do you want a hand?” I peeked through my mess of black hair seeing a boy roughly my age holding out his hand.       

The End

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