Toby Johnson

"So do you guys have powers?" a girl, not blondie, asked.

Everyone's eyes opened wide as if all their secrets had just been revealed. I resisted the urge to turn immediately away and just stared, waiting for others' responses.

"Powers?" blondie asked, as if she had never even thought about having powers.

"Yeah, I do," replied Mr. English, "I can heal things. What's yours?"

The girl hesitates, as if she hadn't realized that asking if others had powers would give away that she had some. "I-I have the power of levitation." She finally blurted.

"What about you?" Mr. English asked me, "do you have a power?"

"Yes." I replied simply, crossing my arms to show I wasn't planning on telling them anything else.

I immediately distrusted blondie. She had the tattoo...she had been brought here...she had to have a power. Just like everyone else, she had been brought here for a reason. Either she didn't know or she didn't want to tell. She probably didn't know though. She was blonde, blue eyes, tanned. I'd have guessed she was right out of Hollywood except for her Aussie accent. Probably still an airhead. That would end up being just my luck. Stuck with an airhead until who knows when. I really needed to get back home. Immediately. 

Then I realized. We're in an airport, I can just magic up some tickets and leave! I was about to do just that when purple-eyes appeared again. Except this time she was a he. His fine, black hair barely covered his left eye. Black, boot-cut jeans reached the floor and tucked slightly under his shoes. He was emo now? 

I decided I was never going to be surprised by anything ever again. And then I tried to walk right past emo boy. He didn't let me pass though. 

"As I'm sure you have all guessed, I didn't just decide to gather a group of people who have super-powers together for the fun of it." He began. 

"That's great," false enthusiasm dripped from my voice, "you have a purpose, now let me go back home."

"That purpose," purple eyes continued, ignoring me, "is to save the world."

I rolled my eyes and sat back; as if a group of teenagers could hope to save the world, powers or no.

"In order to prepare you for this I have made a series of tests for you, so if you would all kindly board the plane from the terminal to your left the world would be greatly appreciative. You can, every one of you, be heroes."

With that he just disappeared. I looked to the left, it was a flight to Belgrade. Why Belgrade of all places? I guess we would find out. No. I guess the others would find out. I watched as one by one, they headed toward the gate. Were none of them feeling the doubt I was feeling? Did none of them realize that there was nothing to stop purple eyes from lying to us? Why would anyone in any sane state of mind choose a bunch of teens to save the world? 

"Y'all have fun on your trip," I said with a wry smile. There was now way any of them were coming out of that alive. Maybe they would be caught in sex trafficking or maybe they would be killed. Maybe purple eyes hadn't been lying and we really were supposed to save the world. In that case there was no doubt about their deaths. I was going to choose life. 

I was just about to turn away and get on the soonest flight back to Tennessee back to home, when one of the flight attendants asked the others for their passports. 

"Passports?" Blondie gaped. Yup she was definitely an airhead. You were at an airport, of course you need a passport to travel out of country. You need tickets too. I rolled my eyes, grabbing some play-dough out of my pocket that I kept in case I needed anything, I headed back help the others out. As I reached the desk I realized I couldn't just give the passports and leave, that would look suspicious. Now I was stuck on this death-trip. Great. Maybe I could keep some of these people alive, at least until we reached Belgrade and I could find another plane coming back. I handed the lady the passports and tickets. She looked briefly through them and then handed them back and we boarded the plane. I picked a seat at the back of the plane, buckled in, and then crossed my arms and gave the in-flight TV a death glare. This was going to be a long flight.

The End

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