Carmen Fitz

“My heart was literally in my stomach as I took on that sick seven foot barrel, did you see me?!” I grinned as I headed back up the beach with Jai and PJ surfboards under our arms.

I saw you catch it, I wish I'd been out there but the little stinger put me out of action.” I glanced at PJ's swollen foot, you had to be careful in the beaches around here sometimes - the nets didn't keep all the stingers out. I threw my surfboard into Jai's truck and climbed in.

Good luck at the hospital PJ!” I called as his dad helped him to the car. Jai started up the engine and smiled across the driver's seat to me. I hoped he'd be okay, I'd known people get paralysed from stingers.

It was just a baby jellyfish, he'll be fine, don't worry!”

Were you reading my thoughts?” I joked,

No mate, it's just you who can do that!” he chuckled. We drove back in silence, well half-silence. I just sat and listened to Jai's thoughts, I knew he knew I was listening so he kept them clean. Mainly about surfing, food and driving.

Carmen is a total loser and she should stop infringing on my privacy. I heard Jai think, I hit him with my fist on the arm and we swerved a little on the road. And she shouldn't hit the chauffeur or he'll kick her out the car.

You know it's hard,” I began, “It's just like a radio, you can tune it out but when there's silence you automatically tune back into it!”

It's okay, I'm getting better at controlling my thoughts with you around. And hey it was lucky today, you could hear me asking you to come back and help PJ out.” Jai replied as he swung into my drive and pulled on the hand break. “See you chuck,” he smiled. I climbed out the car, grabbed my surfboard and headed inside. After taking a shower I realised how tired I was so I collapsed on the sofa and napped before my parents returned from work.

I thought I heard the door open and close, I may have even heard footsteps. I was in that stage of sleep when what you hear in real life is reflected in your dreams, so I can't be positive. Suddenly it felt like I was falling, this feeling also happens occasionally in your sleep but after a split second you jerk awake. I tried to jerk, but the feeling remained. I opened my eyes but couldn't see anything and then suddenly <wham> I was on some floor. I first thought I'd falling off the sofa and sat up to look around but I realised I wasn't in my house, I was in an airport terminal.

Where the heck am I? I heard, looking around I saw a girl rubbing her eyes on a departure lounge chair. She was dazed, like me, and confused.

Hey!” I called, “Hey you!” She looked around and saw me, I got up off the floor and walked towards her. “Where am I?”

“Where does it look like? Read the signs!" Some guy with anger-issues blurted out, he then pointed outside to the iconic 'LAX' sign.

“Let me guess, a woman with seriously violet eyes all in black transported you here?” Another guy spoke, he had a British accent and looked friendly enough.

What the...?” I muttered almost to myself,

Yeah!” The girl enthused,

I'm dreaming...” I said taking a step back and looking around, “but this is some seriously weird dream...”

It's not a dream,” said the guy with the British accent.

Well of course everyone in a dream thinks it's reality - until you wake up,” I retorted, he pinched me and shrugged as I recoiled. “Ouch, okay I felt that!” I growled. I wasn't pleasant when I'd just woken up.

Believe me now?” he asked,

Not exactly,” I replied still taking in the atmosphere. Why were they on about some woman?

What's your name?” the Brit asked the American who seemed to know everything.

Toby.” He replied. I didn't like his attitude, you could tell he was judgemental before he even spoke a word. He seemed to think he was special somehow. "You?"

"I'm Alex," the Brit smiled. I caught eyes with the girl and we exchanged a look as if to say 'I've-no-idea-what's-going-on'. I still hadn't got my head around where I was, why I was here and how I got here but I figured I may as well play out this dream seeing as it was so real. 

"Hey, do you guys have powers?" The girl asked in a hushed tone, my eyes widened, as did Toby's and Alex's. Something was going on here and I was beginning to think that maybe this wasn't a dream.

The End

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