Alex Hanson

When I was fifteen, two of my friends pointed out that they had never seen me with a scratch or a cut. I'd never been ill, or hungover. I'd never even had the smallest paper cut. I tried to push it off, assuring them I had and that they just couldn't remember. Of course I'd been hurt before - no one is immune from accidents. 

Yet they carried on for hours about how they hadn't even seen me with a scratch. I had no scars, or blemishes. I'd never suffered with acne and I'd never been sunburned. Once the idea had been voiced, neither of them could let it drop. 

"I know, why don't you prove it?" James had said. I had raised my eyebrow.

"How? There's no way I'm cutting myself just to satisfy your curiosity." I had told him, shaking my head. 

Ed had then latched onto the idea. "Come on, just a small one. Then we'll shut up." 

I know this seems like an easy task, but I hadn't had a cut for longer than a second since I was nine. I couldn't remember what it felt like and I was scared. I hadn't seen my own blood for a long time. Yet, I knew they wouldn't drop it till I had so I gave in. 

It was strange leaving my cut open for so long. Eventually the blood dried up and it scabbed over. My first scar since I was little. My friends put it down to me being lucky and having a great immune system. Rather that then them knowing that I can really heal myself with only a thought. 

When I was nine, I had locked onto my biological map and healed every scar I had. I had been out cold for a few hours with the energy it took, but I was amazed at what I had done. I knew I was different. I wanted to tell my parents but I was nervous I would get in trouble. So I kept it a secret from everyone. 

That's why, when I was woken up one night with a phone call from a stranger telling me that she knew I was special, I was speechless. I had told no one! I had never even healed myself in the presence of anyone else. I still had that scar to show people that I wasn't immune to everything. 

"Meet me at the underground or I'll tell the whole world."

 I didn't recognise the voice. She was definitely female, but she was no one I knew. So how did she know?

There was no time to debate what to do. I had guarded this secret so hard for a long time - I wasn't about to let some stranger broadcast it out to everyone. I got dressed quickly and rode down to the nearest station.

I only needed to wait five minutes outside till she turned up. I had definitely never seen her before - I would have remembered if I had. Her hair was jet black and her eyes with a violent shade of purple. She was dressed all in black and she had a confident smirk on her face. I climbed off my bike. 

"Hey?" I said, nervously. 

"Alex. I expect you to be one of the easy ones. Hold my hand and come with me." She ordered me, holding out her palm. I looked at it questioningly. What the hell? 

"I'm sorry, but who I are you?" 

She tilted her head. "Plenty of time for that, you've been chosen and you need to come now." 

I frowned. "Chosen for what?"

She laughed. "Oh you'll see."

She walked over and lifted my sleeve up, revealing my birthmark. It was the only scar I had never been able to remove, not that I wanted to. It was peculiar and in an odd shape; it  kind of resembled an 'H'. 

"Healer..." She whispered almost inaudibly. Looking up, she spoke a little louder. "You're destined for great things, but if you don't get a move on I will seriously cause havoc in your life. You don't want that, I don't want that, so please - take my hand." 

She seemed desperate, and I was itching to figure out what she wanted so I placed my palm into hers. Then things went black. I felt like I was being squeezed through a tiny hole and I tingling sensation ran through my whole body. 

Then I blacked out. 

The End

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