Toby Johnson

This is us trying to restart the original Return of the Heroes which was started by @Kiri but died while still in it's infancy. Plot: A bunch of kids have to save the world...some of them want to, others don't.

"Hey Toby!" Sam called as he caught up with me, you wanna come over to my house for the night? 

"If I recall correctly, I stayed the night at your place last weekend," I trailed off hesitantly and grinned as I saw Sam wilt; as if all the happiness had just been sucked out of him. "Which means that it's your turn to stay the night at mine."

Sam's grin came back in super-size. "Awesome!" he enthused, "What's our ride going to be today?" His eyes immediately widened and he covered his mouth. "Sorry, I didn't mean know..." He apologized.

After a brief look around to determine that no one at the school had heard or noticed I shook my head. "It's ok Sam, just make sure you don't do that again. We really can't have people finding out about my powers...they would go crazy. And for the record, it's going to be a Camaro," I replied with a smug grin.

"Ooh! Can it be a convertible?" Sam begged. 

I rolled my eyes. "No, Sam, people would see us if it was a convertible." 

Sam's happiness was seemingly un-effected as we walked to an old, abandoned lot. In the middle was a rickety green shack with paint so peeled and faded it was really more just gray. It was filled completely with huge rocks which tumbled out as I opened the door and jumped out of the way. With a bit of a turn for the theatrical I rolled up my sleeves and crouched with my hands over the rocks, then slowly stood up. As my hands moved upward the rocks under them turned to liquid which formed itself into a metallic substance. The substance traveled up with my hands until it settled into a Camaro. 

Sam grinned and clapped as I turned to him and bowed. Then I pulled a new set of keys from my pocket and unlocked the car so we could get in. The ride was smooth and a pure pleasure. Half-way there I got out and let Sam drive the rest of the way home, it was a long drive after all, in the backwoods of Tennessee you sometimes have to drive quite a while to get home from school and the other way around as well; a good thing in our case. 

About ten minutes after I let Sam start driving my phone rang and I pulled it out. 

"Hello Toby," a smooth, feminine voice cooed. Why in the world was a girl calling me? They weren't usually the crowd I hung out with. And how in the world did she know my name anyways? And my number for that matter.

"Um, hello?" I asked. 

"Meet me at the shack in half an hour, or I'll tell the world about your...abilities..." creeper girl cooed as if the threat she had uttered were some kind of flirting and then hung up. What was with this creep? But I didn't have a choice, she knew about my powers and I couldn't risk having them exposed, it was too dangerous, who knew what people would do if they found out! 

"Sam, turn around, we are going back to the shack right now." I demanded.

Sam looked at me in askance but I just glared at him so he nodded and made a u-turn. The ride back was silent. Sam knew by my expression and body language that it would only make me irritable to be asked questions at the moment so he simply followed my instructions. I could see both the curiosity and worry on his face, but I wasn't quite sure what was going on yet myself so I wasn't going to bother trying to explain it to him. 

We arrived at the shack to find a girl in a rain-coat with fine, black hair pouring out of the hood, obscuring her face. As we got out of the car she lifted a hand to point at me. "You have been chosen. Follow me." 

I got a glance of purple eyes under the halo of hair, curious was she wearing contacts? I snapped out of it and replied. "Oh yeah, great I'll just follow a complete stranger after the only conversation we've had was you threatening me. I think that's just a great idea." I replied with a sneer pulling at the edges of my mouth. I'm not even that friendly to people to begin with, but when someone starts off by threatening me that just makes me downright mean.

The girl walked toward me and before I could do anything she pulled up my sleeve to reveal my very peculiar birth-mark. It was in the shape of a capital D. "That is for discernment. It's your part in The Group. Now follow me." 

"Oh I feel all better now, all the meaning has been restored to my life. You told me about my tattoo." My sneer deepened and the sarcasm was dripping with venom. 

The girl turned back. "You are about to do and see things no one else has ever witnessed. However, I can see that words like that are not going to sway you. So to put things simply, you do not have a choice. If you do not follow me, I will not only tell the world about your powers, I will make sure they believe you mean to use them for the intentional harm of others." With that she grabbed my arm and pulled hard.

I stumbled and suddenly there was a pressure and tingling and the world went black. I woke up in an airport, a nearby sign identified it as LAX. How in the world did I end up here? I got up and looked around, I was surrounded by several other unconscious people to. One of them groaned and began to get up. 

The End

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