The Return of the Heroes

The time has come when the legends stir, the powers return and the world prepares for the return of the heroes.


Haiti, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil, Australia, Egypt, Libya… The world is rapidly changing, natural disasters begin to shape the future, earthquakes shatter sanity and water devastates lands. Unhappy humans rebel against ancient regimes; politics, economics and oil take the forefront of the news, the world has lost its grip on reason. It is time. No human force will stop it. Only those who have the power to stop it can and they will. Stop what?! Stop the world from destroying itself.

From across 6 continents, 10 countries and 5 languages, the heroes return. The time of atonement is among us, the 10 young heroes can only hope to succeed in what is, at a glimpse, an impossible task. Using their powers to fight the humans who recklessly destroy our earth, they will succeed...  failure is not an option.

Editor's Note
If you want to join up, all you have to do it, choose your character, choose your power, add 1 personality trait and 1 feature, then you'll be set to go! 

The End

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