Justin: Running awayMature

"What..... the hell?" All I could say. Nothing that just happened made sense, people were about to leave and then these guys came out of no where and now theres another fight!? Good god the internet is confusing.

"Justin, you gonna help us out or just stand there?" Kevin called out.  Oh that's right, I forgot I was doing nothing. Nora and Kevin were sort of struggling, Jordan and Nora had a robot and laser gun....... for some reason, and I was just standing there.  During this time, a feeling I never thought I had kicked in.

Bloody unrelenting fury.

I got into metal mode immediately, grabbed ahold of one of the attackers, and flew as high up as I could. Then I looked down and smiled.

"You've been a bad boy." And at the mopment, I dug my claw into his torso, ripped out his heart, stomach and spleen, and threw it down at his friends. "Yeah baby!" I was pumped, these guys couldn't handle the new me, a few of themn even realized that and ran away. So I cut off a few nail and flung them at them lkike throwing stars. Each took off a head. 

"Justin, how did you..." I couldn't let Jordan finish, my adrenaline was only just beginning, I flew down at over 300mph, and smashed into three 0of the guys, knocking dsown another twenty, then I bit one guys neck and ripped it out. With that, they retreated. 

"Justin that was amazing! How did you learn to..."

"I can't stay here." A look of dismay shot across my team. " I only just now realized that my story isn't over, andf it kind of needs me to keep going." Alicia looked at me.

"But Justin, you saw what you just did, you can't expect..."

"I have faith you guys can take on Nico alone, if not, come and get me, after I'm done. It's been a blast guys, but it had to end sooner or later." Then I turned around and flew away, with a dozen cries to come back following me. It wasn't long before I found Protagonize.com. Even Shorter to find my story, Peregrine.

I took one last look at the internet behind me. This was a very cool experience, but I am Peregrine, and my destiny is not yet complete.

The End

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