Kevin: Goodbyes for nothing.Mature

We all say goodbye.

" Nora are you going to stay or comeback with us?" I ask

" I can go back whenever I want to I think I will stay."

" Aight, goodbye then." 

I didn't want to go I hadn't completed what I had come back for the reason I hadn't finished here. My wounds where screaming at me though and I could hardly move. 

" If a Ryan harm comes looking for me, tell him what happened also give him this watch." I say to Justin the watch that would probably delete Alicia and I if it came with us so giving it up was the best thing to do.  

As Nora opened the portal I heard Jordan hold his breath Alicia walks forward before we enter.

" No one ever expects the spanish inquistion!" A voice yells.

I was began to luagh until I saw what it was , and let me say I never though internetbeings could have humor and yet hate us. It closes the portal with its fist. Then roars at us with a thick goey slime inside the roar. I stiffly grabbed my sword off my back only to have it hit the ground.

Nora and Justin should be more than enough to deal with it. I thought then behind the massive internet being came 20 dozen smaller ones.

" Now would be a good time for someone to pop up with healing abilities and perhaps god like fighting abilities because these guys are nothing like shoops." I say Pathetically wishing I could lift my weapon.

The End

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