Jordan: ConfusionMature

"Well, Thats Not  entirely True" Said Nora

       With those  words, i got worried as hell again. Would Alicia go back with Kevin, or would she stay here with me. Of coarse shed leave, the internet was dangerous..She told me about all her friends and family,how could one flash made character keep her here..I mean, i love her, but does loving her mean i have to let her go?

 I felt a tear go down  my cheek, betrayful body...I walked to alicia and put my arm around her  shoulder.

 "" said Kevin, trying hard to stay alive. Fuck what have i done...I shouldn't of hurt kevin..he was..dare  i say friend.

"I can open portals into the Real  World" Said Nora Grinning 

Kevin looked angry. "Your...Just telling us that now?" Said Kevin angerly

"You never asked..." Said Nora

I frowned and turned to Alicia.

"Are you..are you going to go with them?" I said frowning


The End

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