Kevin: Your sure? Yes I'am -coughs blood , falls to the ground- maybe not.Mature

" So have fun with your estrogen fight?" Nora asks

" I hope you mean testosterone, cuase i'm not in the greatests of moods." I respond

" Uhh sure." She says. usually a conversation would end there but I decided to continue.

" So how was being tied up with weak shoops?"

" They poored out of the portals like gravy!" She exclaims.

Okay then shoops poor out of portals like gravy 0_o.

" Cool." I replie idiotically. Suddenly I stumble violently over to my left but catch myself before I hit the ground.  Blood began to erupt from the wound. Was I holding it back with my own energy?

Nora I think stifled a luagh at me or was actually giving a crap I wasn't sure but asked , " Are you allright?"

" Yeah just bloody fine." I say  standing back up.

" Are you sure?" I hear her and the others say.

"Yes i'm fine would you stop worrinying about me!" I say loud and obviously clear.

Then I go into a fit of coughing up blood. Alicia runs over ,"thats it we are going to the hospital."

" No    way     to      get     back     safely."  I gasp between coughs.

" Well thats not entirly true." Nora says.



The End

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