Alicia : Being WatchedMature

I walked back to Jordan and Justin with Kevin, he stumbled a little bit, but he seemed okay. Justin was standing away from Jordan, so I left Kevin with Justin and went back to Jordan.

"How are you doing?" he replied with a smile.

"How can I help you?" I asked. I didn't want him to die. A tear fell down my cheek again as I reached down to hold Jordan's hand. His hand was cold and round. What? I thought. I looked down and where his hand should be was a sleek black cannon looking thing that had a red cross on it.

Red cross, I thought, That's First Aid!

"Do I use this?" I asked, pointing at the arm. He smiled again, so I took it as a yes. I hadn't seen this gadget before, but I lifted his arm and aimed it at his chest anyways. I didn't know how to make it work. I looked around the arm, tried pressing places that looked like buttons and things that didn't when I felt the arm heat up. It was getting really warm, but I held my hands around it. Then, it started glowing light blue at the top of it and shot a ball of energy at Jordan. His chest convulsed and my breath caught in my throat.

"Jordan?" I croaked. I shook his shoulders. I rolled him onto his side, so he wouldn't choke on blood or anything. Then, he started to cough. It sounded like he was going to cough up a lung, but at least he was alive. Blood flowed out of his mouth, but it didn't look too fatal. Eventually it stopped, and he wiped his mouth and looked up at me. I smiled at him.

"Hello again," I said.

"Hi, did I scare you?" he asked. I laughed at him, and rolled him back onto his back. His eyes shut again, but I could see that he was breathing.

I felt eyes boring into my back, watching me. I turned around and saw Kevin talking to Nora, and Justin looking off into the distance, at absolutely nothing. Had he been watching me? He definitely looked guilty. Why would he be watching me? The question ran through my mind as I got up and went over to the others to ask about getting home to a hospital.

The End

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