Justin: What do you mean?Mature

"YOU IDIOT! YOU ARE A COMPLETE IDIOT!" Alicia turned to me. "Justin how do I help him?"

"Let me do it, it'll be easier, character to character." We both smiled as she went over to Kevin, I knelt next to Jordan. "How you doin' man?"

"Ugh, I'm coughing up blood, my body's in pain, and...." I didn't plan on letting him finish.

"Good! You deserved it! What the hell were you thinking? You wanted to lead so Kevin had to die!? What the hell?!!?"

"You.... wouldn't understand. I need...." Cut him off again, I'm being quite the ass today.

"Oh I understand perfectly, you suffer an inferiority complex with Kevin, and felt the need to kill him. But I must say, killing Kevin isn't exactly going to give you any power. In fact, it'd do the exact opposite." He made an angry look and spit up more blood. "I could just kill you right now you know that? You're already too weak for it to look like murder, but I'm not going to, you know why?"


"Yes that's exactly......" At this moment things came to place. Jordan was trying to kill Kevin.... because of Alicia. Only thing is, why? What did that whole thing have anything to do with her? "What do you mean?"

"Must.... get out...." His talking was slow and annoying. So I got up and walked away.

What's going on? Did Alicia tell Jordan to kill Kevin? I looked at her, she seemed so innocent. I doubt it, but anythings possible. I'll have to keep an eye on her, make sure nothing else happens.

The End

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