Kevin: MoreMature

" STOP IT. STOP IT." Alicia shrieks at Jordan.

I hope he would stop one of us was going to die at this rate.  Jordan looks down at Alicia.

" I can't, I can't let you go."  He says rather dramtically.Then aims his arm agian.

Thats it this guy is officailly insane , and his lost comment made no sense. I got up almost stumbling over myself.  I picked up my sword , looking like I was going to drop any second. Jordan gives me a warning shot that passes over my already burned shoulder. Jordan then begins to run forward his lazer charging. Alicia fell to her Knees crying. How could he do that if he was doing this for her why was he making her cry more.  I didn't even have any interest in her, sure she is good looking but the thought of being anything over friends never occured. Jordan fired his lazer , I lazily rolled to my side as if I was done with the battle. Jordan didn't fall for the trick and decked me one in the face with the lazer arm. He speedily repeated this blood was spewing from each punch. 

My eyes began to close , I couldn't lose to him , I couldn't die now. I think to myself as I see the world slows down and his fist seem to slow. I needed stronger words.

" NO I CAN'T DIE NOW!"  I shout  my strength felt renewed and well this was something really cheesy and lame to say but don't hae any other way of descibing. My power level went off through the roof.  I catch Jordans seemingly slow punch and lifted him off the ground and threw him across our little battlefield. My wounds seemed to stop bleeding. I pulled the blade out of the ground and flash stepped in front of him , I  slice across his torso. he tried to block it with the lazer canon.Nothing was going to stop my blade as it partially passed through his arm and sliced his chest.  From the blade emenated a electricty shooting him backwards.

He crashed into the ground , and rolled to a halt, I appear infront of him agian.  My blade held at his throat, " Don't move or you'll be dead , and some one going to hat me forever."

" LIKE...." He pukes out blood. He was not going to be getting out as he began to convulse more. I sheath my blade as Alicia runs to his side.  Justin just finished killing the last shoop. I turn around shutting the world out I didn't want to talk. I walk away ignoring all of the comments. I bet Alicia would love to hit me over the head.  As I walked alone through the shattered , and destroyed community outside of the sims server. I question myself I slump over an a wall as my wounds begin to bleed agian, I didn't care. The only thing on my mind was, Am I a suitable leader? How could he almost beat me?

The End

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