Alicia : NoMature

My mind was wavering in and out of consiousness as I tried to fall asleep while leaning on Jordan's shoulder. I didn't want to fall asleep, I snored really loud, but I couldn't help but dose off.

I didn't know how much later it was when I woke up, but I wasn't leaning on Jordan anymore. I was on the couch, covered by a blanket. It was so warm and comfortable. I sat up, my head pounding lightly, but not as bad as before.

"Jordan?" I called out. Silence. That was odd.

I got up and wandered through the main floor, steering clear of the hole that was the kitchen, still no sign of Jordan.

"Jordan!?" I called out again, nerves trailing at the end of the word through my voice. I hated being alone, especially in a strange place when I was still recovering from a near death experience. I should be dead, I knew that I should, I'd had my throat slit and my jugular severed. I became woozy thinking about it.

"JORDAN!" I yelled now, nerves now rumbling through my words. The word caught in my throat at the end and I slunk down against the back of the couch, covering my face in my hands and pulling my legs up to my chest. "Anyone?" I called, a final attempt.

"Hey Alicia!" A wop rumbled through the house and Nora stepped out of a portal. I jumped up and raced to Nora, pulling her into a bear hug. My head was spinning but I didn't care.

"Nora!" I cried, "I didn't know what I was going to do!"

"Why?" She asked, pulling away and giving me a funny smile.

"I was all alone and I didn't now where Joran had gone, and I hate being alone, and IwasjustsoworriedandIdidn'tknowwhatwasgoingtohappen!"

"Ok," said Nora, "A little slower please!"

"I'm glad you're here." I looked around her for the others. "Where are the others,"

"Well . . ."

"What is it!?"

"Jordan is fighting Kevin to the death." I gaped at Nora, "He says it's the only way he can save you, and they're both really hurt, and Justin is fighting off a bunch of shoops," she smiles at me.

"WHAT!?" I scream. "Why is Jordan fighting Kevin!?!?!? We have to go stop him!" My face reddens with fury.

"What? Why?"


"Oh." she replies, her mouth staying in the "o" form as she considers this. "Ok!"

Nora opens up a portal, and I jump through, my queziness coming back to me in a tidal wave. I bit down on my toungue, keeping my mouth shut.

We got to the other side, and I took in a big breath.

"JORDAN! STOP! NOW!" I screamed, tears flowing down my face as I ran towards an impaled Jordan and a fataly bleeding Kevin. "STOP IT! STOP!"

The End

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