Kevin: BattleMature

" Prepare to die asshole!" Jordan voice yells over the muzzle of his lazer canon on his arm.

" Are yo...."  I ducked out of a lazer fire. which killed the internet being.

I slice my sword up swinging him backwards and his arm out of any aim on my body. 

" What the hell are you doing?  This isn't a time to be fighting amongst eachother!" I yell at him, " What the hell did I do?"

 Jordan gets up with an angry expression on his face.

" You are a User , and you one of you brought me here to see my family killed by shoops.  Then you come along and begin to order me around all high and mighty. And from what I've seen you can't keep your cool , you don't know what your doing half of the time , and you are the only other one other than Alicia to get majorly injured, I say I lead." be fore I can respond his lazer arm is trained on me agian and he fires at will.

 I duck out off the lazers gaining strength , and pressure as I got closer the electric charge from my blade was making contact with the ground making small thundering noises. I slice downwards the two energies collided with each other and exploded.  For a moment a blinding light flashes disorienting everyone then we all were knocked backwards.  Nora and Justin looked unscathed, Jordan clothing was slightly ripped and burnt but so was mine. More portals began to open up and shoops were pooring in , and these shoops were no ordinary shoops they where high leveled.

This tied Nora , and Justins hands up from breaking the fight up.  I raised my blade again this time with more devotion to hurting Jordan.

" If I need to teach you who's stronger so be it." I run towards him as his lazer begins to charge.

" Thats not the only reason, Kevin."  Jordan says then fire. 

I jump over his lazer and sliced down crushing metal  components in his arm. I give him no time to counter I kick him in the face and release a weaker energy blast which  sent him flying backward bleeding from the tell tale drops of blood in the ground. I flash step infront of him to take a direct blast from his lazer.  My resistance to lazers took the brunt of the damage but I was bleeding agian from the chest wound. so far the blows where even. 

He was bleeding from the chest at a medium rate, and his nose was broken from the kick I gave him. I was bleeding heavily in the chest and was burned severly on my shoulder.  Energy shoots from as I begin for a heavier attack Jordans lazer arms glows blue as he trys the same. I  finish and speed towards him sliching upwards agian. An arc of energy shoots the idiot up into the sky. I jump upwards to knee him and slice him. I succesfully knee him and partialy cut his tendon on the left shoulder before a massive lazer beam hist me directly slamming me into the ground.  Even though I'm winded badly I roll out of the way as he shoots downwards to punch me in the face. As I got to my feet I coughed up alot of blood.

" You bastard!" I yell then charge forwads shooting a wave of electricity at him which he deflects of with a lazer which give me the oppertune chance plunge my sword into his gut.  As the tip of my blade burst from his back he also pukes up blood. He could still fight though me stabbing him wasn't as bad as me getting stabbed. He lazered me agian sending me and the sword flying into a concrete block that shattered from the impact. I was hurt but this fight was far from over.


The End

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