Jordan: Now, i'll be your shield..Mature

 As i sat there with Alicia, we talked for a while.. i let her close here eyes and start to sleep. And while she slept i Sat Thinking. Wondering whats going to happen when she actually has to go back..Internet beings can't go into the User Realm...

 "You know, if you defeat him you can steal his power to go into the real realm" said a voice behind me.

 "Huh?" I said turning around. It was that women..the same women that gave me my lazer arm.

"Your so called fearless leader, Kevin..If you steal his can go to her love her don't you?" She said with a smile

"Yah..i do.."I said grimacing.

"Then, step through this portal" beside her i heard a WOP as a portal opened "Hes here, killing another internet being..." she said frowning

I Growled, turned my arm into a Lazer Cannon, and ran through the portal. I needed kevins Power to be with alicia..Even if it meant murder.

I ran out and found myself beside Kevin, he was holdng his sword up to someone, i didnt look at the person, i just aimed my lazer at kevins head.

"Prepare to die..asshole"  I said smiling

The End

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