Justin: TronMature

"Well well well, looks like I get to have some fun." I smile. "Thank goodness, I just left my last source of amusement, I need a little fight to help me stay interested, so hats off to you good sir!" And that's when he shot an energy ball at me.

" SHUT UP!!!" I guess he doesn't like me, shame. I moved in a bit, he went crazy with a few more balls towards my head.... I'll rephrase, energy boulders towards my head. I decided fuck it and just fly at him. He shot a few more times but missed, so I got a nice clear shot at his skull, and I took it. I gripped him full on with my talon, and scratched his head up something bad.

"Dude! I said I wanted to capture him! Leave him alive!" That was Kevin, I ignored.

"Justin to be a prick, just do enough so he passes out." Thank you Nora, your words though unneeded are always a delight.

I flew bad toward him, this time he blocked me off and shot me backwards. I thought I could fly back up but I was clumsy and hit the ground. I got back up and dusted myself off.

"I'm okay!"

"NOT FOR LONG!!!" He said as he came whizzing by me, why do bad guys always have awesome powers? I couldn't think of that much more because was coming back with shots flying everywhere. My decision?


As soon as he was a foot away from me, I flew backwards in the same direction he was going, now me and him were fighting at top speeds. I got in a few punches and a good claw to the leg, but he had energy, that meant he had an advantage. So when we approached a wall i didn't even bother slowing down, neither did he. We were going head on into a wall in five seconds, and he wouldn't even notice. So I stopped and let him go through it.

I didn't think it would work but it did. He almost died from that crash, and he was well unconscious. His body was broken almost everywhere and if he got hit by a train he would only look better. Perfect!

I Grabbed him, and threw him to Kevin. "Here you go man, he's all yours. By the way, you want him alive right?"


"K then I suggest not moving him a lot, he's quite close to death."

The End

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