Kevin: BlockedMature

As we made our way back to sims we encountered a bug , glitch whatever floats or sinks your boat. It blocked our way into  the sims server.  Nora tried to portal through but it didn't work.

" hmmm." She says

I tried to think of the many things that would be able to stop us. Firewalls barely picked up characters , and never has picked up a Normal. so that was out of the question. I looked at the watch it couldn't tell me what it was.Justin just looked eager to see some fighting.

" What do you think could have happened?" I ask 

" We're blocked you moron." Nora points out to me.

" Yeah that would explain it." I say dumbfoundedly

" Well if we're blocked does that mean Jordan and Alicia are in trouble or does i mean we are in trouble. Becuase who blocking characters and normals isn't that hard? Which would lead me to think another force is agianst us." Justin points out.

" More like Alicia is in trouble, Nico deliboratly singeled her out." I say

" Wrong, your the ones in trouble." A dark voice of internet being from behind us says.

My sword appears in my hand battle ready. Justin mutates into a bird and Nora is at ready to snap her fingers.  This brought way too many questions into mind, I needed to capture this thing without destroying its shape or form. Justin took off to fight it, Nora snapped her fingers and nothing happened.

" I don't think something which is immortal will get killed like that, Besides , we need to capture this thing will in some sort of condition we can talk to it. Do you have anything other ability than that?"

The End

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