Justin: Hey guys!Mature

I spent about a half a day here screwing with peoples lives. I must say, I love being a character. Not being needed in the slightest is very good at this point in time. Oh, here comes another one.

" Hey man, you want the last of this weed?"... This is a bit of a hard one. I'll just send as is, your welcome. Here it comes back.

"Dude, I told you I don't smoke." Much better!

* Nah man, my mouth is busy and your brother asked first.* There we go, god I'm glad I waited, that one stumped me. Oh there it is.

"Wha? I didn't know my brother was over there, how'd he get my weed?" Okay what the hell? Is this guy an idiot? You know what, I need to make one last edit.

* Awesome man! Wanna make that a three-way?* He deserved it, let's see what his buddy said.

"What the fuck!?! Dude, you have problems, friendship over." Hm, it was more amusing when I was still using hookers. Oh hey here comes another one.

"Justin, how much longer do you plan on doing this? You've been gone for a while." ...Is it just me, or was this one addressed to me? I look to the right and see Kevin and Nora running towards me.

"Hey guys! How you been?"

"Dude, do you know what's been going on since you left? Alicia got stabbed!"

"Nico?" They nodded. "All right, let's go after him later, next time have me do something damn it!"

"Ha ha, you got it dude. Anyway, come on back, we need to check on Alicia."

The End

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