" Where did you get that arm?" Alicia ask Jordan.

I knew full well that he stole a fire from the kid which reassured me that kid was a normal but also the kid had Internet mod such as my portal watch , which meant data could be stolen off him. I didn't open my mouth cause jordan explained everything to Alicia. I turned to Nora.

" Like a corny movie eh?" I said

she giggled.

" Sorta, and you must be jealouse of them." She teased me.

I wasn't sure how to react. If I made a seen and said no! That would make me look guilty, if I did nothing well I looked like I had no problem with it.

" Nah just the way I was raised."

I walk past the stair and leave the two love birds and grab myself batteries for the watch. Then I noticed something.

"WHERE THE HELL IS JUSTIN!" My voice shakes the house in anger. Whenever he disapeared he had knack for trouble.

" Calm the hell down kevin." I hear jordans voice

I walk over to the character sword in hand.

" Okay what happened last time Justin disapeared. He cause a portal too reality. So if he has that sort of ability wouldn't our many enemies might want that?"

He shrugs , " Nothing to freak over aren't you supposed to be the calm wise leader dude?" 

Those words hit me hard and my anger went from over the top to frozen cold.

" Right , well I checked my watch on his being , " He is in several blog , and chat sights , and....... Oh thats funny."

" What?"  They all say as if it was something seriouse

" Oh well I think hes cuasing a disturbance worthy of powerful anti virals. I'm tryingg to get more info... hang on."  I shook the watch impatiently

" Ha ha he is rewriting everything and making people sound like doushes. look at this one. It supposed to be  love you too honey I'll be seeing you tommorow evening right? He changed it to Yeah my prostitute just arrived she much cheaper than you!" I say know it was probably a relationship ender there but it was sorta funny.

It was short giggle , then we thought about it agian and felt bad for the the dude.

" Come on lets go get him."

The End

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