Jordan: Oh god no...Mature

I saw alicia's eyes close..i  wouldn't beleive it..i couldnt...Alicia's not dead..she cant be.. I cried out in pain and sadness. Then i looked up at The Intruder, the bloody coward, looking nervous. My vision began to go red. It was time to kill the bastard. I rushed forward, felt my arm go lazer, aimed at his head, and blasted his fucking brains out.

  I  felt energy fill my body as a single file entered my brain. Then Nico's blood started was reforming back into his body.  His brains, where they lied broken started to reform, back into his skull. He looked at me and grinned

"I dont die That easily" he said with a smile on his face

I ran towards him but he quickly created a portal and jumped through.

I growled intensly.That bastard got away from me. Then i remembered Alicia's body, and i sat down andlookedat her. I felt my eyes start to tear up..The tears tasted salty as they reached my mouth. I wish..i could bring her do anything tohave her be alive..even if shes not with me... I felt my arm start changing, i looked down.

 My arm had went from Chrome Silver with a Plasma Rifle, To jet black with a red cross on it. Wait, Red cross standed for First Aid..I aimed it at her, felt a black beam shoot out, and suddenly her  wounds were healed. Oh my..this must of been that file i stole from the intruder. I saw alicia take a breath and open her eyes. 

"Told you i'd be back" Said alicia with a smile

"No you didn't..." I said grinning, Then i moved in and kissed her. Then i heard a voice from behind me

"Keep down the P.D.A guys" Said Kev with a laugh. I flipped him the bird and continued kissing. When we finally pulled away. Alicia looked at my arm and grinned

"Sweet arm where'd you get it?" She said laughing

The End

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