Alicia : It's ok, I'm Just Sleeping For a BitMature

Kevin had his blade out and Jordan, was his arm a freaking laser? Woah, cool! I would've been so amazed had I not been in the arms of a crazy person and a knife at my throat. Jordan looked like he was going to blow a brain cell, and he lifted his arm and fired at my captor, who as far as I know was still without an identity. He dodged the blazing fire ball and laughed quietly at Jordan's feeble attempt. I looked at Jordan, giving him a small reassuring smile, but I didn't think he'd caught it.

" You moron thats not how you treat a hostage situation!" yells Kevin at Jordan.

" Shut up!" he replies, frustrated. I can see the fear in his eyes, he looks so vulnerable, but it doesn't show in his face.

" Let me handle this." said Kevin, "What are you doing here?"

" I came for a tea party of course!"  Yells my captor, then he punches Kevin in the face, and I scream, which turns into a gurgle. I feel the arms around my disappear, and I turn around to find my captor gone.

I hear a screaming in the distance, I turn and see Nora screaming and crying, pointing at me. I grab at my throat and feel something wet. Am I drooling? I look at my hand and there's red water all over it. Wait, blood. I'm bleeding?

"NO!" I scream the words in my head and outloud, althoguh it's no more than a gurgle. I watch Jordan, stare at me, eyes wide, shoulders slumped. He's white as a ghost. I try walking to him, but the ground doesn't want that. It comes at me, faster and faster. Racing to me. My head hit's the floor, but it's squishy, like a nice fluffy pillow. Darkness creeps over and I greet it. It'll take away the pain flooding through my body, I can tell. I feel someone grab me around the waist and turn me over, keeping on the cool ground.

"Alicia! No, stay with me, you are not leaving!" I open my eyes a little bit, waving off some of the darkness. Jordan is looking down on me. I smile, trying to raise my hand to tell him it's ok, I'm just going to sleep for a while. I'll see him later. I close my eyes again, and this time the darkness takes over me like a tidal wave, wiping me away with welcoming arms and promises of happiness later on.

The End

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