Kevin: Full of suprizMature

I was crossing the road to get back to Alicia's virtual house. I was thinking about the last few days and the few events then....


I'm sent flying through the window , I think I was standing in the middle of the road to long and some finally just said to hell with it and hit me. I crash into the glass and The girls and Jordan took as an everday occurence.

" Hey."

I rubbed my side and sat down onto the couch I think it was looney toons but my head was spinning and frankly everything looked like effin looney tunes.  Alicia gets up to leave as my world was returning, an ear piercing scream emmanated from the kitchen and before everyone else my blade was already drawn and I was at the kitchen.  It was the kid from earlier and he was holding Alicia hostage.

" Hello players, How's it goin?"  

Jordan looked dammed frusterated and his armed turned to into a lazer cannon and quickly without hesitation. Nico dodges lazily , and the lazer blows a giant where a kitchen once was.

" You moron thats not how you treat a hostage situation!" I yell at him.

" Shut up!" He replies

" Let me handle this." I couldn't hear his thoughts, " What you here for?" I say darkly

" I came for a tea party of course!"  He yells then slugs me one in the face.

It was like slow motion as I flew through the air the kid quicky stabbed Alicia, and Jordan lost it. I hit my my head and the world turns back to effin looney toones.

The End

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