Alicia: Taken HostageMature

After Kevin had made his grand entrance, he came and sat on the couch, rubbing his side. Wiley Coyote had just been crushed by an anvil and we were all laughing.

"Wop," I heard the sound again.

"Did you guys say something?" I asked.

"Uh, no." They replied. Huh I thought. I'd always been really paranoid, never liked staying home alone or anything, so I looked behind the couch. Nothing there. I looked at the door, again, nothing there. Weird. I got up to get a class of water, squeezing out of my spot between the arm rest and Nora. She giggled at me. I went into the kitchen and screamed. Jordan and Kevin bounded off the couch, but not before I was being held with my hands behind my back and a knife at my throat. I breathed, slowly. I mentally checked my body for any damage, I think my capture had sprained my wrist, but that's it. The blade was digging into my skin, and I could feel the black energy around it licking at my soul.

I looked at Jordan, my eyes pleading him to help me. He looked sad and lost. I could tell he didn't know what to do. I had no idea what to do either. Then, my captor spoke.

"Hello players, how's it going?"

The End

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