Nico: Caught like RatsMature

  For the last week ive been sending minions after those stupid Players. I have to find them, and destroy them, before my reputation as soon to be overlord is ruined. Then they vanished. Stupid Player has hacking skills. Well then, two can play at this game.

    I looked  at my surrondings, i was in a rock pit, peices of building were crumbling above me. Buildings i had destroyed crashing down after Mr Illusive sent me back to the internet. I didnt listen to him ofcoarse, i had  to kill those  players and make surethey were not allowed back.

  I turned towards a rock to my right, i changed my arm into a Anti Viral cannon, it had the ability to turn anything into what it had been like before destroyed, a little tweaking though and i changed it to create anything from whatever i chose. I pointed at the rock and created a laptop with the ability to make portals anywhere i wanted.

 I opened it up and ran a search for the Players using my GPS Hacking system. I found them in a house far away. I opened a portal next to me, i stepped through to find them lounging about on a couch infront of a T.V.  I changed my arm into a blade with black energy floating around it.

"Haha...Trapped like Rats" I said grinning walking towards them

The End

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