Alicia: Looney Tunes!? No Way!Mature

Wow, great job Alicia. Why don't you just wake the whole freaking house up! Skillz, mad skillz. I mentally punched myself and looked down a the counter. Then I heard a sound that was like a thousand people saying "wop" and looked up. Jordan was standing alot closer to me, but I didn't mind. He was looking at a large blue swirling hole that had opened up in the wall of my Sims house.

"Holy crap!" I whispered. Then Nora stepped out of the hole, yawning, and I realized what it was, a portal. Duh! I thought.

"Not spoiling anything am I?" asked Nora. I couldn't see what Jordan was doing, but I blushed, looked down and thought, Not yet. I looked back up at Nora just in time to see her give another yawn.

"Where'd you sleep last night?" I asked.

"Here, There, Everywhere. I don't really know," she smiled and plopped down onto the couch, picking up the remote and flipping through the channels.

"Please, no more scary movies," I said. I saw Jordan give me a hurt look. "They're just, too scary," I said, more to Jordan then Nora. Then again, I hadn't exactly seen the ending. I whipped my head to the TV when Nora yelled "Look what's on!"

On the TV was playing Looney Tunes re-runs. "No f-ing way!" I said, grabbing a seat beside Nora. I'd always loved looney tunes. I'd only ever seen acouple episodes, and I didn't know all the characters, but the ones I had seen were ah-mazing! The one playing was one with Wiley Coyote and Road Runner. Too funny. Jordan had come to join us and we were half way through the show when the window shattered and Kevin came tumbling through it. Jordan jumped and screamed but Nora and I just looked up at Kevin and back at the TV.

"Hi Kevin," I said, "Wanna watch some Looney Tunes?" Kevin groaned in response and Nora giggled at Jordan's scream.

The End

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