Jordan: MorningMature

I woke up to Queen screaming We will rock you in one of the rooms above me, i fell out of bed and hit my head really hard, good morning so far. Then i remembered last night, making out with Alicia and i grinned brightly.

     I looked around the room, a basic room, with a bed, entrance to private bathroom, cubbords probably stocked with Clothing. I got up to the Cubbord and chose a black t-shirt a size to big for me, a grey hoodie, and some jeans. I used the washroom then i walked downstairs.

   As i got to the kitchen i went to the fridge and opened it, i got myself some orange juice and was just standing there when Alicia walked in wearing Shorts and a Baggy t-shirt. I smiled at her and said

"Hey Alica"

She smiled at me, then hid behind the counter. Probably embarrised that she was still in her pajamas or somthing.

"Good morning, how'd you sleep?" she asked grinning at me

"Meh, So so untill i fell out of bed while Queen blared somewhere in the house" I said laughing

"Oh my gosh im sorry!" She said looking worried

"Haha, that was you?" I replied smiling

She blushed and looked down.  I was about to move in to kiss her again when i heard a portal open behind me and Nora stepped out yawning.

The End

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