Justin: MischiefMature

I bet you guys almost forgot I was here huh? Well after Alicia and Jordan started being all lovey dovey I ran away immediately.  I was bored, and I was metal, I needed something to do.

I switched into bird and walked through a few old sites I went through before. Failblog, Fmylife, Mylifeisaverage, until I finally came across a site called Meebo. It asked me for a name and a password, I was confused and just decided to jump into the thing.

I popped into the centre of the site, it looked like a giant internet database. Before I knew what was going on a square whizzed by my head. Then another, then another, until I finally decided to catch one.

" Love you!! TTYL!" What the hell is a ttyl? Is that the person's name? If so, yikes! I'll just rewrite this a bit, for the other person's sake.

*I love you!! Unusually large name that needs 4 initial letters for!*  Much better, I then let it go. The response came almost immediately.

"What the fuck? My name is Amy! And didn't you say you needed to go?!" Odd response.

This was kinda fun, let's see another one. All right, this one's from James to Jeremy in Kentucky.

" You think the paintball stadium would be open yet? I need to test out my new set." Hey sweet paintball! Let's see how I can remake this.

*Yo dude, I'm sleeping with your girlfriend. Tell me, does she like three-ways?* And off it goes! Hey, that was quick.

"YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT WHAT THE FUCK!?!" Yikes! Haha, I can get used to this. I think I'm gonna hang here for a while. Muahahahah

The End

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