Alicia: Where am I?Mature

I jumped out of bed at the sound of Queen's "We Will Rock You," playing loudly around me. I toppled to the floor in a mess of sheets and baggy pajamas.

"Uhh," I groaned, getting up slowly and running a hand through my hair.

"BUDDY YOUR A BOY MAKE A BIG NOISE," was blaring through the speakers on the alarm clock on my bedside table. I yanked the cord out of the wall, figuring it the easiest way, and plopped back onto my bed. I tried to close my eyes again to sleep, but I couldn't, not after waking up at stomping feet blaring inside four small walls.

I got up and wandered into my washroom. SMACK!

There was a wall where my washroom should be. I opened my eyes and really looked around now. The walls were white, and not my green. And my bed, I didn't have a king size bed! I drew in breath to scream at the strange room when something caught my eye. A green laptop was sitting on a table across the room and everything came back to me.

I was in the internet, and I was in my sims house. Great.

Mapping out the house that I'd created in my head, I was able to navigate outside of my room to the washroom, so that I could see the damage a nice long sleep had done to my hair. I looked in the mirror, lots of damage. I took the hair elastic off of my wrist, I carried on everywhere, and put my hair up in a ponytail, settling for the easy way out. I went back outside and walked into the kitchen, looking to see if I'd stocked the fridge.

"Hey Alicia," I jumped, then laughed. It was just Jordan. He looked at me groggily, smiling, the I realized I was in shorts and a baggy T-shirt and I shifted to behind the high counter.

"Good Morning, how'd you sleep?"

The End

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